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  1. I create a thread about how the government might nationalize BP based on an article authored by Bill Clinton's Labor Secretary during the 1990s and theorized that this was a trial balloon. A trial balloon is information sent out to gauge the reaction of the audience. The Clinton's are very close to the Obama administration so this made sense to me. Then my thread promptly gets moved to "Chit Chat" as the moderators of that section thought it had no value to this forum. 10 minutes later, the President comes out to make his speech suggesting the nationalization of BP and the creation of additional government oversite commissions.

    Hey look, I dont care if you move my stuff to "Chit Chat", but its so funny how the moderators of this forum have no ability to see through posts and debunk them. Trading related posts are oftentimes moved and deleted while non-trading related posts with no obvious value are left in place.

    Simply put, while I am not the best trader out there, I think I can out-trade any of the mods here. (I also think that the majority of the board could probably do so as well.) Why cant we have a trading contest to see if my theory is correct? Words are words, but a simple contest will remove all doubt.
  2. Your thread was moved because it was placed in the STOCKS forum. The STOCKS forum is for the discussion of individual stocks in reference to trading them.

    If you like, however, I'll move your thread to the economics forum where it is better suited.
  3. Its better suited for the stocks forum because I think BP is going to zero and will be acquired by the government. Its going to take them 9-12 months to cap that well, they only have so much money and they are draining away a billion dollars a month. BP will run out of money and the government will have no choice but to place it in receivership. BP will either go bankrupt or suffer the same fate as AIG. RIG will hang on by a thread. Right now it is in a death spiral to the low single digits.

    BP North American operations will become the property of the US government. The administration just realized this is what they will have to do. They had that guy write the article so as to condition the public and news outlets of whats going to happen next where as if they just did it then it outright, without the article, then it would be more shocking.

    In any event, there is no way BP is going to cap the well in the next few days....more realistically months away from a solution. Lets say it does cap the well in the next few days, Congress is going to hit BP like they did GS slapping on lots of regulation. BP is a sell.
  4. I thought you were going to say "Hey, it's one thing to move my thread, but did you have to send it to the White House?"
  5. The challenge is still out there for a trading contest. When I authored this thread, BP was at about 36-37 dollars and now I log on to see it at around 32 dollars. I see there are some options plays that have almost doubled since I authored this thread. My price target on BP is zero with a strong possibility of a government takeover.

    When I looked at BP's financials I thought to myself there was no way its going to survive this. Every person in the south is going to make claims whether they were effected or not. A long line of lawyers will form and lawsuits will commence. The government might have to take over BP and then try to mitigate the claims that way.

    While BPS price will bump up and down, it will eventually be down...
  6. Which government?

  7. ROFL :D