this is for ALIAS STEVE 47

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  1. good evening everyone. a few days ago, i started a thread asking for help on servers as i didn't quite understand their purpose as opposed to a stand alone client. no body really responded except i kept getting nasty flaming PM's from a guy named STEVE47 with 0 posts. tonight I posted to a thread from global futures asking for a firm quote being that i am a 106r cme member. i get another flaming PM. Im an idiot, a moron, he even goes on to flame Steve 46 whos been respectful to me and flamed progers who i do some work with. I know its easy to get an alias but could someone ban steve 47 for me. here are some of his pm's. and steve 47, im going to post a trading statement to prove i am a 106r member.
    i just hope one of my daughters don't bring home someone like this. just imagine, having a son n law like a STEVE47.
    of b.s. artists on ET ....your quote

    yes i do have a cme 106r membership/ so for 1000 r/ts a month, what would my total fees be. (you should know what the fees are)

    The only coffee shop attendant with a cme membership.

    Who would believe this except another idiot ET person such as yourself?

    Glad to see you took my advice and "kept your mouth shut"--

    Hope you get what you want out of all this crap!

    I told you exactly what the purpose was you MORON- you're too STUPID to understand so who cares!

    Purpose= extra extra extra security IF you know what to do which obviously you don't. Most people have no clue just like you and trading.

    What am I supposed to do give you $3000 dollars worth of advice to an IDIOT? And an inconsiderate one at that?

    There are many many advantages that have to do with tremendous increase in security if you use the microsoft server program and know how to upgrade it properly- few do. Any lame computer is suitable for server use. We use a pentiumII 500 mghz.

    I've gotten a kick out of your posts since you first showed up on ET as the housewife/waitress with the system that couldn't fail. Of course it didn't take you long to go back to the drawing board and eventually team up with progers82 who has mediocre performance at best. Now you proclaim you have the best system again. You're a funny one!.

    Take some advice from a professional trader who's been trading for a living from La Jolla CA for 33+ years. Shut your mouth and stop posting. IF you come up with something viable and sustainable keep it to yourself. And finally, if you think you will derive any benefit from the morons/paper traders/liars(like Steve46,etc. YOU are an idiot.

    I have a basic system for trading the ES which averages over 10 points per contract everyday with negligible drawdown scalable to over 200 contracts daily. Think I'm going to proclaim "I have the best system" or tell you one word about it? Fat chance lady (IF you are a lady). Good luck to you if you are for real.
  2. Cool-Down mama, steve might be a twat. But we live with all-sorts on this site belive-me LONG LIVE-THE TREND -UP-OR -DOWN - GOD LIFE IS GREAT............
  3. Beginning Balance 16,356,96DR
    Ending Balance 15,548.60DR
  4. thats a transfer loan from my master account so that i can trade futures.
  5. OK thats (cool)
  6. STEVE47 cud be woodie008 reincarnation :eek:
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    IMO, you don't need to show any proof to anyone.
    Stay cool and have a good weekend. OK?

  8. You got my support Mama Vivian.

    Good luck with the trading.

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    Welcome back Mama!
    Jest tell 'em to "Kiss your grits!"
  10. That's right. Some of us had the same PM's when S'47 was w'008

    I feel sorry for the guy because whatever his problem is, he obviously suffers a lot. But he still needs to be banned.
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