This is financial armageddon?

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  1. I'm not seeing it! DOW stays above 9500-9700 it's all good. I think we've become a nation of hand wringers. This reminds me of weather forecasts during the winter. We get 4-6 inches of snow and somehow it's a f'n crisis. That's all this is! Chill!
  2. And don't think the Pennsylvania Ave Pocketbook Protectors won't see it the same way. Only 500 dow points, less than 10%. Its NOT the end of the world as we know it, We saved the taxpayers 700B! p-p-p-paulson and Benny were wrong. LOL

    Still way too many buy the dipshitters.

  3. This is not it... might be when all the derivative holders realize their holdings aint' worth squat, though.
  4. Futures up! Talking heads still pumping the storm of the century when all we got was 3-4 inches of snow. Meanwhile someone is dieing overseas defending this stupid government.
  5. What R U guys talking about?

    1. Name the last time the Dow settled down 777 points?
    1 trillion $$$$ lost in one day!

    2. We broke a record in the S&P 500 yesturday.

    3. Futures being up over night is nothing more than a dead cat bounce. even if we close up today this is nothing more than a retracement of yesterdays sell off.

    4. The Fed had to change the rules in the middle of the game to curb the selloff yesterday by restricting short selling. They knew this day was coming thats why they put in the ban. When and if the ban is lifted on Thursday it will be lights out in the market.

    5. There is NO good news out there to encourage buying in this market. The reason for the 200+ points drop after the close was due to a sea of traders/brokers on the floor of the NYSE with massive sell orders (millions of share) MOC orders. Large institutions are telling their investors to get to cash ASAP!

    6. The only way to recover (short term bottom) would be to pass this stupid bill. That will cause a rally that could last well beyond the November election. However, the mkt will crash again and test/take out these lows.

    7. The bill is not a cure for ALL of the financial/economic crisis we are facing globaly. We knew this was coming 5-6 years ago.
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    And your point is?

  7. That's what we want...let the highly leveraged MORONS keep their bullshit paper, and sink with it, rather than try to peddle it at astronomic prices to the American Taxpayer courtesy of 'Hank & The Gang of Thieves.'

    No more tenuous claims that the average person living within their means needs whatever shit the f%!ked idiots stuck with highly leveraged turds are claiming that they do.
  8. I'll support some kind of bill when I start seeing some resignations and criminal charges being filed. Paulson, Pelosi, Frank, Dodd, Cox can resign today. Criminal charges can start being filed against everyone and anyone that approved the NINJA loans. Until then, let Rome burn.
  9. investigatre fannie/freddie campaign chance.

    Nothing like 500+ lawyers covering their own asses!
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