This is f*cking scary

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  1. BTK.
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  2. Here's a thought...

    Picture millions of men across America thinking the exact same thing... "Oh no... What if some stranger hurts my family?"...

    AND then... they're all getting more and more paranoid and suspicious of each other...

    You know statistically you're much more likely to get murdered and raped by someone you know and trust than by some stranger hacking into your Smartphone...

    Most kids get molested by their relatives, coaches, priests etc... People who already know everything about them and who don't have to hack a Smartphone picture to get your kids.

    Now watch that video again and look at the reporters. They're practically one step away from panicking and running around with their hair on fire. Is that normal for such a mild story...?

    It's sensationalism at its best... None of them are concerned, they're all acting. Check out how many times they use the words frightening, threat and scary in that clip. You get more ratings when you exploit people's paranoia.

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  3. Crispy


    Funny assumption.

    I love my family, love to cook, ride motorcycles, surf and live for the markets. And beer is good too!

    In my opinion the folks that use social networking are the ones that dont seem to be fun to be around.

    Me? I happen prefer my social contact to be in the flesh so I can look someone in the eye when we speak, feel them when we hug or kiss hello and goodbye.
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    This we can agree on. I think the advent of 24hours news reporting has added zero value to our society. They need to fill in dead space with scare tactics and shock value reporting.
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  5. Bingo! Very simple on a stock iPhone. You can either turn off Locations Services completely or turn it on only for specific apps.
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