This is f*cking scary

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    Mav-thank you very much for posting this. Time to change my phone settings!
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    Youve got to be in-fucking-sane to post pics of your family anywhere online. Or just really stupid.
  4. Ohhh... noooo...!!!:eek: :eek: :eek:

    What if strangers see your kids while they're walking down the street...? Or into your house...!?

    That does it... Better put a bag over your kids' heads...!:p

    Maybe you can find a way to cover your entire family...!

    :D :D :D

    Not really an issue... Whenever you post anything with your picture or your real name you might as well assume that you've gone public with all your info. anyway...

    I don't see what the big deal is... You would have to be a moron to think that you can stay anonymous once you've posted a picture of yourself. What the hell would be the point of that anyway? Posting a picture of yourself but wanting to remain unknown...!?:confused:


    I keep watching this video and laughing... You know you can get the exact same info. just by driving by someone's house right...?

    They're all like... "Oh man this is so scaryyyy...!!!"

    I think people have become cowardly imbeciles. Everyday that goes by more shit scares them stupid. Eventually everyone is going to spend their lives locked in their basements hiding under their beds.
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    You obviously didn't watch the video. The issue is not the picture. The issue is a sexual predator or an angry ex-spouse or stalker can literally locate precisely where you live, where you work, go to school your gym, where you shop. Some psycho on the internet can find a girl and literally know every single place she goes to on any given day waiting to rape or kill her. It's basically a tracking device.
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    I dont do facebook, myspace, twitter or any other site that anybody can view me or my family. And I forbid anybody in my extended family or freinds to post pics or social events of my immediate family also.

    Why? Because I prefer to keep my private life just that. And minimize any possible stalkers, crook, peds, loonies, solicitors...etc.

    That makes me a coward? Hell, seems to me people havent become imbeciles. They have become reckless....

    There was a time when a mans family life and business was sacred and kept in house. I prefer that myself.

    Dont get complacent cooltraderdude. This technology is not your friend.

  7. Thanks for posting this, Mav.... Being somewhat "hi-tech" as a family, with kids and grand-kids, it gives me pause for sure. In my mind, I realize that this kind of stuff "can" happen, but to see it being done so simply, with basic equipment and knowledge, is pretty scary.

    Thanks again...

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    Pfft. Disable GPS except when you need it. Problem solved. I don't run GPS normally anyway since I rarely need it and prefer the longer battery life.

    Course I run rooted (and unlocked) Android. Not sure about iPhones, Blackberries and all the rest.
  9. You sound like a real fun person to be around.
  10. Sexual predator you say ...???:p

    Nope... Not really an issue for me... Hell... I'm up for anything that sounds like fun. They can come on over anytime. I'll light some candles, put on some music... :D
    AND don't get me started on exes... If only some of them were still obsessed with me...

    As for stalking ... Let me tell you this story about the time I was stalking this girl all the way back when I was in highschool.

    So there was this chick that I really liked... Sat next to me in class..., Man I used to go by her house, by the place where she worked etc... I could barely get the courage to say more than a few words to her...

    AND THEN IT HIT ME...! I was like... Wait a minute...! Why the hell am I even doing this...!???? :confused: I barely have the nerve to say hi to her... What the hell am I going to do...? Go to her house and rape her...? I'd probably just stand there petrified... AND that was the end of stalking people for me... :p :D

    The moral of the story is... I didn't need a Smartphone to find out everything about her. :D :D :D

    I'm not famous or important so I don't worry about it too much... Just saying people shouldn't let their paranoia get away with them...

    I caught my neighbor going through my garbage once... It was the funniest thing ever. I did a double take on him... Threw my garbage out then, waited a little and went back out again and caught him red handed. Funny thing was that I acted all casual like I didn't even notice. That scared the shit out of him more than if I'd freaked out...

    So what I'm saying is... You just have to be cool about it. Lots of people have these mental issues... It is like paranoia, obsessive compulsive behavior and dementia are at an all time high in society right now.:(

    I blame the media and stupid reporters for talking in really frightened voices about the simplest things. They've really done a number on people's heads...
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