This Is Disgracefull !!!

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  1. As a man who knows, I can say the young man committing the act will live to regret it. I really didn't need to watch that as the memories of my own inhumanity comes back, not that it ever goes away....ever.
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    What else are we supposed to expect from something created by the Bush administration?




    Bush supporters seem to forget that this is EXACTLY the sort of thing America will be remembered for in years to come.

    Our good name has been destroyed the world over by this shameful and illegal war.
  3. It was actually George Bush who was holding the water bottle!!!

    You fucking moonbats have some serious problems. How in the world you sick bastards can watch that video and somehow blame Bush is beyond rational thought.

    P.S.-- The delivery guy at the deli near my office forgot to bring honey mustard with my turkey sandwich...I think George Bush was secretly behind it!!!
  4. Oh please .........I agree it's stupid but the kid has already forgotten the entire episode. When I was a kid I ran further than that behind a float in a parade looking for a free T-shirt. You guys are the biggest wussies on earth.
  5. What a freakin moronic post!!! This kid will forget running after the truck and the episode while the poster still remembers running after parade floats for T-shirts... what kind of BS is that?
  6. ror, nobel price for most moronic post of the decade.
  7. Too funny! :D :D
  8. That is a little lame. However, I am sure that there is MANY incidents worse than this occuring constantly and I think Americans should see them as often as possible. Somehow with their yellow ribbons and "support our troops" bumper stickers Americans somehow mentally turn our soldiers into some kind of virginal little saints spreading democracy throughout the world. If the Army is anything like it was when I was in then what we have is a bunch of testosteroned up trained killers roaming locked and loaded among a civilian populace. I'm glad I was never in that situation and had to face my own behaviour or that of my fellow soldiers. In the 2 years I was in we had 3 murders in our company, my first 2 roomates wound up in prison one for armed robbery and another for assault, my first section chief went to prison for 1st Degree murder the first week I got there. A soldier in the room beneath mine was beaten unrecognizable by 3 black guys with an iron. I nearly killed a guy hip tossing him during a fight in a bar parking lot. It went on and on and on. So you people that have never been in a combat unit who seem to think our nice little soldiers are over there acting like little gentlemen need to wake up. The little fuckers need to be kept on a leash and segregated from civilians until they go home to be around people they will not let them see at their worst like that.
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