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  1. While arrogant, large companies may be too big to fail, arrogant, small companies will be collapsing left and right in 2009.


    Wish I could say more, but that may get me in trouble!

    Unless President Obama can pull a magic trick out of his ass, we're all toast!
  2. Humor is humor - even if it is "gallow's" humor ;-)
    Yeah, I do wish you could share about the info you have...such is life. I tend to agree - we are all toast!
  3. I won't quote anything due to google but...

    in order to conserve $$$, all unnecessary expenses will be cut... such as no salary increases in 2009. (who needs a payraise anyway with the coming deflation)

    advertising will be cut (to promote and protect the profitability of our core business)

    bonus and other incentives to those who create profits will be cut. (because incentives have never worked anyway... But please continue to bring in the bacon for us anyway due your exceptional loyalty and your willingness to work overtime)

    personal time off will no longer be paid out at EOY or be usable without a doctors note. (substitute doctors note for something more realistic but equally as inane)

    Help us President-Elect Obama, you're our only hope! (Wishful thinking)

    Profit must be made in 2009 if operations are to continue. (What a concept!)

    Banking relationship with Bank A is strained. But that's okay since Bank A will probably implode anyway. (Hence the need of the above actions to preserve cash)