This is cool!

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  1. Awesome stuff! I love Def Leppard, and the original version of the song, but this version is pretty good too. It really modernized the song.
  2. This release by Santana has a version of Whole Lotta Love with
    Chris Cornell from Soundgarden on vocals, Ain't Superstitious with Jonny Lang on vocals and some other stuff thats pretty good.
    I'm a sucker for AC/DC style power chords. When I get this tune in my truck I crank it up and the hormonal secretions just flow.
    Great drums in the intro.
  3. Please don't include that over-rated bald twit in the same sentence as Def Leppard.

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    Whitesnake Rennick Osborne out:cool:
  4. hawk80


    woow.. soo nice.. thanks for posting!!!

    Love the santana version and especially the guitar sound.. could listen to this all day long :D

    hes skillz are just to sick.. and the combination with the incredible
    sound of the guitar makes this so unique..

    i wish there would be more music like this today :) !!