THIS IS B/S! Why does this keep happening to me?

Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by antincedo, Sep 23, 2008.

  1. Day in and Day out. I get my ass kicked in the morning, down 1k or so then i gain it back in the afternoon to close the day out for a small gain.

    what am i doing? this is bull!

    my strategy consists of waiting for the market to trend and trading strong looking stocks that trend with the market. ANY HELP????
  2. Trade the afternoon after lunch only...... many more reversal environments are towards the first half of the day...we run trend and reversal systems on different days of the week at different times based on what the bias is for that day. Trade well.
  3. In general, the last two weeks rendered two of my systems unprofitable, and I was forced to develop new systems that got me back to profitable days. Time alone will tell if these last two weeks were the start of new price action patterns or just a news-induced fluke.

    In specific, perhaps your system is broken or invalid.
  4. 1) You're too anxious to do trades in the morning before trends have "developed" according to your guidelines.
    2) You may not be taking randomness into account. Intra-day trends can reverse at any time.
    3) You may be giving too much slack to losing trades.
    4) There can be a lot of "hot money" on the sidelines trying to chop the market back and forth during the morning.
  5. You devloped new systems in that time frame?

    I always thought that new sytstems had to be backtested very thoroughly and then forward tested for over a substantial amount of time before taking it live?

    Good trading
  6. Yes, I did. Sort of.

    Trading gets boring when systems work as expected. You miss the challenge. So, I am constantly tinkering and backtesting with new ideas. When I get one that looks more promising than my current system set, I wait for such an opportunity as price action change, like the current one that started two weeks ago, and try it out.

    I invent my own systems. I never need to switch gurus, chat rooms or signal services.
  7. ET is a past time, eh? Nice
  8. up today $1200

    only because of my last trade. i spotted that last downtrend at the end of the day and traded it and held on..

    this back and fourth crap is driving me nuts though. i might try just trading afternoons. but when you identify a trend what qualities of a stock do you look for to trade it during that trend?
  9. You: Doctor Doctor, it hurts everytime I raise my arm like this.

    Doctor: Don't do that anymore.

    You: I lose money always in the morning session.

    Doctor: Don't trade anymore in the morning session.
  10. lol, well i guess that makes sense. what i cant make sense of is WHY? why do i suck so bad in the morning?? DO I NEED TO EAT MY WHEATIES?
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