this is an interesting Area to post.. i wanna tell you guys a little bit about myself

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  1. not yet..... i'm going to be.. just had work stuff and distractions.. thats on my list..
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  2. i'm going through the process of opeining an account with think or swim/ TD ameritrade or whatever.. theres a referral deal for 50 bucks.. i know some of you guys my quote on quote forum friends on here have to be using think or swim... shout out on pm or on this thread and i'll let you be the person that referred me.. and you'll get the fifty bucks.. id had to just throw it away..
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  3. ===========
    Good points,Free t ;
    At least in buying options, one can limit[exactly] losses:D

    Like you said option market is not a good place to ''hang on''Real estate can reward some for hanging on, but I am glad i cut a little loss on lakefront property once. -BECAUSE as a River City RE broker said during a huge rainstorm ''I have a flood of listings''LOL

    Hope this helps.Wisdom is profitable to direct
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  4. i'm kind of thinking you guys think i'm such a noob i don't understand options enough to realize that buying premium strategies are time limited. .... like thats the most obvious thing you first learn... theta burn... you can get it neutralized, you can get it working in your favor... and you can set up options trades that actually work better then outright stock purchases.... i'm willing to take things into consideration that you guys say but say a something a little more then just your gonna get burnt because you can't buy and hold and wait for stocks to come back with options... that is rather obvious. . if thats the reason i burn out.. i definitly deserve it...
    Sitting at starbucks chilling.. i was waiting for someone to get back to me about getting a referral at TOS i haven't heard from anyone... no one wants fifty bucks... ? werid... i'm going to get back to readin my books... later..
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  5. i've done the wire transfer out of IB into Tos... they say i'm approved for covered and long options positions.. this is bullshit gotta fix that!
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  6. man after looking over the tos platform .. i'm not excited.. i'm so used to IB ... freaking difficult even looking at butterflys.. you can't easily spread the wings on the freaking thing.. or at least i don't know how
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  7. Interesting- but shouldn't this all be posted in the "Journals" section?
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  8. Sure but to.late now
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  9. I am gonna read 1 chapter of any of the five or so books I'm reading before I start reading more threads... I've lost a lot of time read peoples opinions about everything from schools to gold to the fed
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  10. I recently rediscovered the best way to remember stuff. I read a chapter, then go over it a 2nd time this time making notes. This helps me remember better plus I have a quick reference that is very useful anytime I need to refresh a point.

    Realisation dawned when I thought back to school studying 6 or 7 subjects a day and it all seemed to stick. Of course I was a lot younger then.....
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