"This is America! Whites do not belong here! Go back to Europe! You are racist!"

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  1. LOL! Hilarious. Funny how Ak and his crowd of merry ankle grabbers don't jump all over this guy screaming "racist". Yet if we say that ILLEGALS should have to leave or mention the very salient minority on white crime rates, we're KKK members.

    Oh, and FYI, there was no "this country" before white europeans showed up. There were tribes of hunter gatherers and marauders, who hadn't yet happened upon modern technology, such as.. well, the wheel for example. Not only that they butchered vast swaths of white people, the violence very much went both ways. Just because whites actually won the conflict doesn't mean they are the bad guy. Don't you remember the "disappearing colony of Roanoke"? Just where do you think it "disappeared" to? LMAO!

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    LOL!!!!!!!!!! I was taking a sip of diet Dr. Pepper when I read your reply, and I can ASSURE you that it's uncomfortable when diet Dr. Pepper comes out of the nose!:eek:

    Made my night!:D :D :D
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    I've been living with that shit in Southern California for decades now... in the San Fernando Valley the bus drivers are all Mexicans pretty muchly, if you aren't a Mex they don't stop for you.. They tend to treat migration like it was an invasion.

    Very ethnocentric, just incredibly ethnocentric in their politics... you just have to cede the shitty neighborhoods to them and move to nicer areas, putting up with their 24/7 obnoxious culture is more than Whities can stand, take my word for it...
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