This is absolutely amazing

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  1. .... that is really some crazy stuff.

    Anyone remember Minority Report, with all that crazy screen touching stuff.

    That would be insane. Totally customizable interface, ability to have so many markets in place to trade, be able to zoom out and zoom in on the fly to get all the details you want, just press a place on the screen to switch to different views you need.

    Fastest Fingers win :p

    Good find thought, enjoyed watching it.
  2. BTW, the song is "Who am I" from peace sound orchestra.
  3. Since I'm only 19...... Maybe by the time I hit 30, even I'll be able to use something like that.

    *I'm already looking at age 30, and yet I still need to be successful at age 19*

    Amazing stuff with technology these days, it's great when it works, it sucks when it doesn't.

    Good song too.
  4. I can't await the day these displays become available. I think by drawing trendlines with your own fingers and interacting with the markets in such a direct kinesthetic way, this would be the ultimate trading process.
  5. I am looking forward to it...
  6. This is cool!
  7. You wanna know the most amazing thing... WE *US* actually came up with it I think.

    Japan didn't! (Hopefully not, otherwise I'll look like an idiot, or we just stole it or something)

    Just thought that was interesting. :p

    Military would probably use this first, then gaming industries using it for controllers, and kids play toys, and then business applications like us traders would probably catch on, wonder if platform developers would be interested in this.

    Here is the question though..... how tough is it to design and write applications for the interface? I'm interested in knowing that, if the applications they used on the demo were programmed for the interface, or if the touching was controlled by some sort of hardware and the applications could easily identify the touch.

    Just would be interesting to know how the applications were coded and such.

    What ever happened to voice recognition? Why isn't that being taken advantage of? Just seems crazy to me.
  8. More importantly...what happens if I eat some of those white cheddar cheez-its before trying to analyze my charts:D
  9. Learner


    The exchanges will crash 1000 times/day.

    Full of "fat fingers":D :D :D

    I am not worried ----another day another dollar
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