This is a three ring circus in YM

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  1. The action over the last few mornings is total manipulation buy a big firm, they are goosing this thing 100 points on 1000 lots. Dont tell me this is an accumulation of traders, bull its a large firm manipulating the index.
  2. Dow stocks are 30 of the 500 in S&Ps.

    No one is manipulating the Dow... 470 other S&P stocks are being pushed along with them by SP00S futures.

    All indexes are moving in unison now. No more sector rotation, pushing jello around on a plate. We've got active markets moving in tandem thru genuine buy/sell pressure.

    May it last forever!
  3. its us at puretick doing it.. :)

  4. romik


    what getting margin calls? :)
  5. Mini - I hate to crack your manipulation theory, but it simply does not exist and Austin pointed out why.

    Traders calling a market manipulated is another description for 1) I lost money and need to blame someone other than myself or 2) I sat & watched thousands of dollars trade and did not make a penny.

    By your repeated threads about how terrible the markets are lately, I would strongly suggest you sit out, go take a vacation or do something other than trade. It feels like every day in the last week there is a new thread from you complaining about the action here recently. We get the point. It's time to adjust your trading methodology or don't trade volatile times.
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    What a fool!
    You expect people to take you seriously with comments like that?

    el surdo
  7. man, i have been LOVING this volatility.

    losers complain about "manipulation"

    the idea that 1000 lots is going to move the ENTIRE DOW COMPLEX 100 points is patently absurd.

    here's a hint.

    figure out the capitalization of GE, MO, etc. and try to understand how 1000 lots on the mini, which is merely $60 mill notional value could not move the dow that much

    it's absurd.

    the markets move by supply and demand. loser complain that the movements are "manipulated" when they miss a trade, or get caught on the wrong side.
  8. whit - you and I are on the same page here, great job explaining!
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    whats wrong, La Surda? cant handle a bit of levity from people that gotta be dead serious and out front all week and grow a business. Leave the kid alone, got damit.
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