This is a systemic failure - yes or no

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This is a systemic failure - yes or no

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  1. This is a systemic failure - yes or no
  2. The systemic failure is more political than economic.

    A MAJORITY of Democrats sided with an moronic President and former billionaire CEO of Goldman Sachs to confiscate 700 billion from taxpayers.

    That is a systemic political failure.

    Hell, for 700 billion, we could have invaded Saudi Arabia, nationalized their oil fields, and be sitting on free oil for two or three decades.
  3. the system is being allowed to fail...

    if you know the reasons why, you will understand.
  4. Mvic


    Please elaborate if you will, thanks.
  5. My theory is to choke out inflation-

    I call it the garbage can theory- you can only fit so much garbage in a bin, occasionally you have to jump on it so you can fit more in. .. make sense?

    As for whats in the garbage can - anything that goes up in value over time....

    They have these new plastic bags called bonds- you put stuff in them and it disappears :)
  6. I am NOT speaking for Spectre2007, he can speak for himself.

    But in my opinion, we are talking NWO here.
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    Do you think the acorn deal was set in motion by mistake.

    The election results will be challenged there will be a power vacuum. Bush or someone else will declare Marshall law. The answer will be one world currency - on world market - one world govt - one world order - unified wage scale.


    It is not as far fetched as you think.
  8. Daal


    An scary thought, what if the credit market is totally right and there is no hope in lending because there is nothing tomorrow and cash preservation is the only thing to do.
    What if continuing to sell russia and brazil is the correct play because we will see a casdade of sovereign defaults with problems many times over the IMF and world bank put together. what if the smart money sold treasuries the last two days because they think a treasury auction to save Bank of America could fail...(of course this fear means we are at a bottom)
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    AMEN :eek:
  10. You have to wonder how long they can keep creating sufficient volatility to steer people into US treasuries...
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