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  1. Greetings Elite traders. You are here at the great site Elite because you are just that Elite. There are no better stock traders than the one's to be found here, in fact there are no stock traders left anywhere but here... which makes being the Net's #1 a bit easier.

    I'd like to begin this session by saying I am running low on you know what. As well, Just back from an extended stay in the country, I may not be as sharp as you are used to. That doesn't mean we won't stumble onto a great idea here as we create a new Watch List together.

    At the top of my list is two names TMO & EQIX.

    Thermo has a very firm chart that looks to me ready to explode- today we do the fundamental research on this name I owned years and years ago.
    EQIX we began charting in my previous thread which mistakenly got shuttled down to " Chit Chat " by a very pretty young lady Mod new to the business and ET... It's recent action has been interesting. There is confusing talk of becoming a REIT here which I am following through my hedge fund that I use.

    Some other names-- When AIS relisted on the Nasddog we mentioned it was a well run Bio --It's gone up a bit and we missed the trade, it's new symbol is ATRS and we will check there under the hood as well.

    With the BAD CORN HARVEST wouldn't you rather fly a plane or power a car partially with SUGARCANE!!! Yes I'm hoping we can change this ethanol argument to one that includes sugar cane treated by this biotech Co. AMRS... I already own some I have to check how much and where I bought it at... but as I farmed over this summer I thought more and more about the future and creating fuel from plant solids and what not... I'm done with sea algae! But this Sugarcane idea won't quit.

    Those of you into fish oil or who read my last thread are undoubtedly in AMRN-- there is fresh buyout talk there we must delve into.

    It's an exciting day, I'm back, the kid is off to baseball camp for the first day-- took a van ride uptown by himself with some kids he didn't know, 40 min ride to some green fields...I'm really proud of my little guy.

    It's time to sell a few names to raise some cash and then go to work.
    As always if you have a strong idea drop it here with some TA & fundamental reasons~stoney
  2. Wow what a slog. Conditions are just bad right now to gain an angle.
    Most companies have reported and most ideas have flaws. This new Romney waking up from the dead thing will Paul bunion it is having an effect on some healthcare ideas. I've been stock surfing going where the links and ideas take me off general research on names and I've been all over the damn place.

    I think whatever we buy should have a ' Back To School Angle ' for that is timing wise what will serve us well.

    LEAPFROG already purchases a tad higher is a great idea for back to school.
    Leapfrog (NYSE:LF): Ascendiant Capital Markets reiterated its rating of Strong Buy for this company and changed its price target from $13 to $15.

    LF sold off on earnings so weak hands are out before back to school (sorry Hugh)

    From Zachs-
    The company recently reported Q2 2012 earnings and achieved a 31% increase in net sales and beat earnings estimates by 33%. Earnings per share for the quarter resulted in a loss of 12 cents, but analysts were expecting a loss of 18 cents. Net sales in the U.S. increased 26%, while international sales increased 46%. The company had strong sales for the quarter for its LeapPad 1 product.

    LeapFrog is expecting net sales to increase 10% - 15% for Q3 and 13% - 15% for the full year. Net income per share is expected to be in the range of $0.36 to $0.41 for Q3 and $0.61 to $0.66 for the year.

    Looking forward, LeapFrog looks undervalued with a forward PE ratio of 14.07 and a PEG of 0.84. The company is trading at only 3 times its book value per share.

    The company's trailing twelve month profit margin is 7.59%, operating cash flow is $83.45 million, and free cash is $56.99 million. Total cash is $127 million and total debt is zero.

    LeapFrog has 5 upward earnings revisions for 2012 and 4 for 2013. The company is expected to grow earnings annually at 20% for the next five years. This growth should be sufficient for the current stock price of $10 to rise to about $25 in five years for a total gain of 150%.

    The stock has the realistic potential to double the performance of the average S&P 500 company over the next five years.>>>>>>>

    Probably the most impressive loo0king name is Lumber liquidators... wow what a mistake not to place a chip on these guys at earnings so mad at myself. When a stock ticks up and up even in down markets you just buy it. LL is now $44!

    You would think fertilizer is a good place to be with the bad farm season our big play is SQM which also mines lithium. One of my research reviews now is European exposure and dollar/euro consequences and lots of stocks are not making that final cut. We are looking to stay US or at least be expanding somewhere interesting like EQIX and Brazil.

    Zachs again-
    Equinix Expands Brazil Footprint

    Leading data center solutions provider Equinix Inc. (EQIX) announced its intention to set up a new International Business Exchange data center (RJ2) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The estimated cost would be roughly $20.0 million for the first phase of the facility.

    The first phase is expected to be completed by 2013, after which the facility will accommodate 320 cabinets. The subsequent phases will allow the setting up of 850 additional cabinets.

    The RJ2 data center will be developed under the supervision of ALOG Data Centers of Brazil, S.A. Equinix took over a 90.0% stake in ALOG in April 2011 for $127.0 million. The purpose of the acquisition was to enable Equinix to grab a bigger share of the growing data center market in Brazil and Lain America.

    Equinix’s data center platform has been popular in the financial services, networking and content management industries. Equinix has taken advantage of the fact that many firms in these industries are setting up their bases in South America. Seeing the growth prospects in the region, particularly in Brazil... (doesn't that sound better than Europe?)

    Equinix boasts a presence across various geographical regions and is increasingly becoming popular among major players in the tech industry for data management. The company’s worldwide presence has resulted in high network density with a vertically focused approach, which will continue to support demand.

    The company has delivered decent second quarter 2012 results with EPS exceeding the company’s expectation. Moreover, revenue improved substantially on a year-over-year basis on improved colocation, interconnection and managed infrastructure services. Guidance for the third quarter and fiscal 2012 was encouraging.

    However, a heightened debt situation, competitive threats from the likes of AT&T Inc. (T) and Verizon Inc. (VZ) and European exposure !!!!!!! keeps us on the sidelines.>>>>>>> You Zack but maybe not the stonedinvestor!

    The EQIX chart is a dream chart During its recent analyst day in New York, Equinix's (EQIX) management sounded quite upbeat on the company's long term growth prospects. After a four-fold rise in revenues since 2007, the company is now guiding to reach $3 billion in sales in 2015, almost a double compared to 2011 revenues.

    You would think a data center these days would be close to impervious to recessions. EQIX just opened a big one in NYNY!>>>>>>>

    I'm DOWN a good bit on a position in teen retailer ZUMZ but this is the type of stock you want to be for back to school. You all will get a stock $5-$7 cheaper than me!

    AMZN has had a bad year and gone nowhere-- it's very expensive and I won't buy it but it's a name that might move into end of year, they could have a very good back to school selling period.

    How would you like a heart transplant for back to school dad?

    EW Edwards Life science is delivering new pacemakers through a procedure minimal with no breaking of the chest cavity.

    EW) Edwards Lifesciences downgraded to Outperform from Top Pick at RBC Capital RBC Capital downgraded Edwards. These are the best downgrades just on price and with a higher PT $105.

    Edwards makes heart valves. Its latest is the Sapien Transcatheter Heart Valve. A key innovation is that it can be inserted via catheter through a small incision in a patient's thigh. That avoids open-heart surgery.

    Q2 earnings per share rose 37% to 67 cents, topping views by 2 cents. Sales rose 12%, missing views. Q3 guidance was 59 cents, below consensus of 65 cents.

    Lastly EBAY appears top be breaking out.
    (EBAY) eBay jumps 2.7% after ChannelAdvisor says July SSS up 28.2%
    (EBAY) ChannelAdvistor says eBay July SSS came in up 28.2%
    (EBAY) eBay moves higher, up $1.06 to $45.05


    Ok In order of preference so far:

    WATCH LIST- 8 NAMES **********








  3. AMRS went up 10% yesterday did any of you notice?

    I just did. That's why I take the time to put together these watch lists to separate the now from the good idea and to make sure we have the type of stock that can double.

    I already own AMRS 2000 shares at $4.40 right where it is now.

    I have test ridden this one through an earnings miss -13% that day and weak hands shake out and the sock is back to where it was. I like that action.


    - Down in Brazil AMRS is powering buses with their sugar cane based fuel!, in São Paulo and Rio. The Brazilian fuels regulator, ANP, recently approved the expanded use of AMRS renewable diesel to an additional 135 buses from the 180 already in place in São Paulo. AMRS will begin delivering these additional volumes in the second half of this year.POINT 1

    - The Jet fuel has been tested and it works! AMRS successfully tested their renewable jet fuel in a passenger plane. AMRS is now focused on the lengthy ASTM certification process for their jet fuel. AMRS is in advanced discussions with Azul Airlines for an uptake agreement for delivery, following regulatory and certification approvals, which AMRS hope will be completed in 18 to 24 months. POINT 2

    - ... Amyris will continue building its fuel business in Brazil and may later add this to the global joint venture with Total. Point 3. AMRS is holding onto the Fuel part for now.

    - AMRN is in the cosmetics game:
    I'm excited about " squalene " What is squalene? It is a best in class cosmetic emollient. Usually they abuse Sharks for this squalene or use petro oils... AMRS squalene has been well received by the industry and during the 2nd qtr shipments began to their US distributor (Centerchem) This now makes AMRN a global player in cosmetics supply having on the Japanese side Nikko to distribute and on the US Centerchem. The squalene market is ever widening and broadening-- it goes in hair products and in some cases on apparel. Squalene is now " coded " with three of the top cosmetic manufacturers in the world. Being coded means AMRS squalene will be among a limited set of ingredients.

    Ok- What do we have so far? We have potentially cured the high price of corn, we have fixed the diesel problem; we are powering buses and planes on sugarcane; we are naturally enhancing makeup of the ladies and would you like another application?- How about the huge tire market? And the hippy dippy fragrance oil market?

    AMRS also makes farnesene which can be used as a building block chemical for liquid rubber and oxygen scavengers, as well as somehow a fragrance oil. AMRS has produced a large batch test of farnesene laced fragrance oil, various perfumers are in final stages of evaluating the oil's purity and quality, and AMRS is getting ready for production on that end. Larger market than you think. Aromatherepy.

    Working with Kuraray, AMRS's Japanese partner for liquid polymers, AMRS is also making considerable progress in increasing the market opportunities for liquid farnesene rubber, LFR. Major tire manufacturers have told AMRS that this is one of the most interesting monomer innovations in the last 50 years. Six of the 12 leading global tire manufacturers are currently testing liquid farnesene in their rubber formulations.... That's a golden ticket if it hits....

    What's nice is this is all Green investing, high performance, cost effective, renewable products that have a positive impact in enabling sustainable growth, without subsidies....

    AMRS is supported by over-60 patents, plus nearly 300 pending U.S. and foreign patent applications.

    Amyris, Inc. (AMRS): Integrated renewable products company, offers renewable compounds for a variety of markets. Market cap at $255.26M, most recent closing price at $4.35. Float short at 20.51%.
    ***** INSIDER EDGE ALERT**** Over the last six months, insiders were net buyers of 2,288,360 shares, which represents about 10.88% of the company's 21.03M share float.

    (AMRS):5-year projected EPS growth at 21.00%. Net institutional purchases in the current quarter at 1.3M shares, which represents about 6.3% of the company's float of 20.64M shares.

    I suppose the danger here is in the big thinking. I've been down this investment road before, I've been in the electric battery game and the new way of making plastic bags that biodegrate into the earth (MBLX) I've been all over these save the world plays, the wave power company (OPTT) , solar (CSIQ), I could go on and on... That might give you some pause in following my lead here and it should.

    I'll add I use TA a lot more now than back in the day when stocks flew around more on pure speculation. Now an private investor must get as many added benefits that he can in an investment-- Insider Activity so few companies buy anymore has become a real good tell and in this case wqe have it. Check.

    Inst ownership is going down on all these tech stocks yet it is up here at AMRS. Check.

    The Chart is about to break through resistance and take off today. Check. BUYING MORE AMRS! ~stoney

    PS: Ethanol's Future?
    (paragraph taken from old seeking alpha article on ethanol)

    The sole remaining hope corn ethanol producers have for future growth is Brazil. Those familiar with the science and economics of ethanol production from sugar cane relative to corn will be surprised by this; cane is a superior ethanol feedstock to corn. While this characteristic can be attributed to several factors, the most important one is that cane sugar is fermentable in its natural state. Corn starch is not and substantial money and energy goes into depolymerizing corn starch into fermentable sugars. Other things being equal, corn ethanol is significantly more expensive to produce than cane ethanol as a result.
  4. 8:50 Tues:

    Battle Plan:




    >>> One or more of those three will most likely counter balance the exposure to AMRS which I am of course buying more than I'm supposed to if I was following my own tried and true system.

    As well WATCHING:

    EW // VOLC // CYBX ~stoney
  5. Well this is exciting folks. Locked & ready. I do hope we open up a bit. My Hedgie guys say about 5% . SOMETHING IS UP. And it's not just me from 5:00 in the morning working for you all.

    You might as well admit it if you are following along, there is no shame in making money. Often I get your emails later from Switzerland or the Congo depending on how the idea goes. Thank You Thank You... but hardly ever in public. I've saved about three guys jobs, brokers back in the day... I was their client yet I gave all the ideas...

    Whatever, it's not about me. It's about this damn market. I talked Cobalt Energy over with my guy. My mom owns it they have it in a growth fund it's more volatile that the usual energy play (read down) and it looks like it's bottoming. I'm going to read through the research reports from the various houses and most likely buy CIE... it just feels safer in this ebvironment... this is not a time to invest $100,000 + as we did with our prior thread... several of those names are still running (like VELT today) and there's only so much cash for investing, besides the market is up a bit.

    Back in a bit. Looking at CIE. ~stoney
  6. Ok buying FULL position CIE.

    Investing always works the same for me you have ideas that sit around in your head and then suddenly they become relevant there was a great confusion at the last CIE report-- what I read is all good and with $42 - $38 price targets and the stock to own for 2013 sort of sentiment. This info is not available to all investors but it is research reports from Morgan and the like... The stk is $22 or so... I'm in.

    Ok I've got my spec 100% gainer & I've got my beaten down energy play what do they have in common? They both will gain 100%. That is barbell investing at it's finest.

    This has been a stoney special report~si
  7. Cuz he don't make cents. What do ya expect from a stoned investor?

    You respond to someone named Euro trash. What the hell is wrong with your life. is there a more hated species? And I haven't made cents... Dude do you really want to let that go after what I have done for everyone here.

    Honestly I just sold my VELT the other day and I was going to post cause' I know I profiled it here I said to myself should I let everyone know they made 35% in a short time or just let it go because dicks like eurotrash and stevie are lurking.

    Does anyone do more for this site than me? I challenge you to find one other poster who has made as much money for ETer's as me-- that means before the trade you give the call...

    They don't like me... how can you not like someone who has a near perfect record of winning threads here? What the hell do you bring to the table? You two BF's have pissed me off this morning.

    For the rest of you in the audience alright here we go.

    CLSN. I bought it last week but it Now. Insiders have. There is news of a huge kind coming next month. I believe in this technology because it makes sense to me. I have a mother and a step father with various cancers so I pay attention to all new therapies.

    Celsion Corporation (CLSN): CEO Michael H. Tardugno Bought 5,000 Shares

    CEO of Celsion Corporation (CLSN) Michael H. Tardugno bought 5,000 shares on 09/14/2012 at an average price of $5.81. Celsion is dedicated to the development and commercialization of oncology drugs including tumor-targeting treatments using focused heat energy in combination with heat activated drug delivery systems.

    Director Robert W. Hooper bought 10,000 shares of CLSN stock on 09/10/2012 at the average price of $4.95. Robert W. Hooper owns at least 78,427 shares after this. The price of the stock has increased by 17.37% since. Other insiders have also increased their positions in the company.


    EQUIX- Still love this name have not bought it yet.

    ELLI- They do mortgage stuff- software.

    ACHN- Bio

    CTRX- stk split coming, used to be SXCI which I recommended here years ago.

    NUVA- after some FDA review on screws happening now.



    WZE- Strange co leader in Podcasts & merged with the Chinese Redbox

    BVSN- Chart B/o

    CNW- Chart bottom possibility?

    More on CLSN.
    from Seeking Alpha:

    Celsion Focusing On ThermoDox

    The third company I wish to present is Celsion Corporation (CLSN). Celsion is concentrating on a new drug-delivery system that delivers an approved and well-established drug. The product is called ThermoDox, and the therapy is a lysolipid thermally sensitive liposome (LTSL) encapsulation of doxorubicin (which is approved and widely used in chemotherapy). It is infused intravenously and can be used in a large number of heat treatments. LSTL has the ability to contain the chemotherapy agent in a trapped and inert condition within the body. Radiofrequency ablation is then used to raise the temperature of the targeted area to just above body temperature, and heat activation releases the chemotherapy agent from the encapsulation. Chemotherapy agents are often highly toxic with strong side effects, which will be reduced by this treatment. Because the heat is applied to a targeted area, the agent is active only in the targeted region. The company says that testing on animals has shown that up to 25 times more doxorubicin is delivered to the tumor, compared to conventional intravenous methods.

    Although the delivery system can be used in a variety of cancer tumors, clinical trials have focused on hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), or liver cancer, which often results from long-standing hepatitis C. It is estimated there are around 750,000 cases every year around the world, of which 33 % could be treated using this treatment. Heat treatment is particularly important in the case of HCC, because liver cancers are located in close proximity to major arteries and surgery carries the risk of damage to the arteries. Heavy bleeding is often a primary cause of death in liver cancer surgery.

    Celsion is continuing with phase III trials and expects to complete them by the end of this year. Because of the reduction in the recurrence rate in intermediate patients with HCC, ThermoDox is expected to quickly gain acceptance from liver cancer surgeons. In addition, the treatment has been granted Orphan Drug status, which means that it is protected from generic competition for a number of years. Rough estimates say that sales in Japan could reach $20 million in a few years, and sales in Europe and the U.S. could push this figure 50% higher. Because Asia and China in particular have a much higher incidence of liver disease, the revenue potential from that region could be as much as the rest of the world put together. The company already has a licensing deal in Japan and its partner, Yakult Honsha, will pay $4.5 million in fees and share development costs of $7 million. Celsion signed a deal with China's Zhenjian Hisun Pharmaceutical in May to manufacture ThermoDox, and Zhenjian Hisun is funding the initial production of ThermoDox by way of a loan.
  9. Folks I don't love the feeling of the market here and I have been lightening up. A stock that has been pissing me off is QCOM, I've had it forever it seems it was $68 in Feb the market has gone up and the stk is somehow still below that number. I'm out.

    PKT is similar in the sense that we bought at $22 and it's been $21 or $24 numerous times but just doesn't seem to go anywhere. Out.

    VOCS was a nice trade $15.50- $20 something as of today.
    We profiled it in the last thread Where My Head Is At. Out.

    I'm thinking the best move would be to line up some ideas and wait for a pull in this week and next while riding what I hope is a big move in CLSN.

    We have the funds which of our watch list will provide the idea?

    Leaning towards ACHN on any pull in I'll explain why later. It's a bio.
    Number Two probably NUVA or AFFY or CTRX

    I just love this EQIX it's been a monster and by turning into a REIT they will protect all these gains I imagine but it's a $200 stock! Oh how some lucky few have had a year with this one!

    Selling dead wood booking some gains. Losers have been sold a ways back we are ready for a market correction at stonedinvesting. ~si
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