This is a manipulated bull market, how long can it last?

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    It's keep going up without volume. Can it last forever?

    Those bid and ask on level 2 are usually not real. Tried several times, just sell 200 shares at bid price, those bids vanished.
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    They've been saying the move up won't last because its on low volume... for almost the last 4 years.

    Investors dont wanna be in the market any more because they know the game is rigged, day traders are dropping out like flies, about 90% of the volume is HFT/algorithms, and yes that so called liquidity you see on stocks and eft is fake, its just there for show.

    Somebody give me a reason why we cant keep going up on low volume to all time highs?
  3. I thought the stock market was for the purpose of private companies raising capital in the public markets.

    Not for short term day trading but to buy a share of an American company and profit on its long term success?
  4. The market is plunging! Soon! PANIC
  5. Trends don't end on low volume.
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    Market should be fair to all participants, but it turn into an instrument which makes richers rich, poors poorer, where big fish can eat small fish.
    Day trader used to be able to make a living in the market, but hard to be alive now without volatility.
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    Of course it's manipulated. The Fed money spicket wide open. A bull market will almost always rise on light volume, compared to a bear market. People get complacent and there's no fear. Fear = volume. The market will continue to rise into the election and then after that it will probably drop but who knows.
  8. The level 2 is meaningless. Volume shows real trades. I don't know what to use level 2 in this era.

    Bernanke speaks today -usually there is low volume before this happens.
  9. I make money on the markets. But I don't daytrade.

    Maybe you need to change how you make money. Yeah daytrading was profitable back in the fractional days.

    but times changed, I changed as well and do it differently.
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    The bull market will end once the public gets into this market, they are still on the sidelines.

    Wall street and the big bankers will sell and short shares against the public bid, then absolutely crash this market with no regard. Then, the taxpayer will be forced to pay up to stablize the market under the threat that world will end unless they do.

    Wall street and the bankers will have money coming out of their ears when its all said and done...
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