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  1. But 55% of advisers predict it will take as long as three years for investors' portfolios just to get even again, while 35% believe the journey back could take until the end of 2014.


    So the over 1/2 of same pinheads that kept 99% of their victims in harms way, now tell them they will double their money in three years.

    Good thing they have to be certified.

    Or is it certifiable?
  2. weld1


    amen stock777 these guys have wiped out more wealth in 18 months than i care to think about....worthless! i can't tell u the horror stories i've heard.

  3. These guys? How about all the real estate investing jerk off's? THOSE are the people the ruined the economy.
    Some wanker making 30 grand a year getting a 120% ARM on a property so he can redo the kitchen and sell it for $100 grand more while some idiot like you thinking he can buy it and redo the siding and sell it again.

    ET lacks more intelligence than Michael Moore.
  4. CPO - Certified Perpetual Optimist

    With such "extreme" bullish sentiment near a market bottom, it means there should be more downside potential. We'll see. :cool:
  5. dude, fwiw, I've been called them (mortgage whores) toothless scum since before you knew there was a bubble.

    by me, I'd have shut it down in 2005 at the latest.

    blame the liberals.