This is a game of patience? How to get patience?

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  1. IMHO patience is as important as skills.
    I think most people lose from being impatient.

    So, How to get patience?
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    Watch every rebate/penny tard give away stock in the trend by stepping in front of each other to pay up or sell for less. Once you see how these marks get played like the fiddle you'll know you don't want to look that stupid and you'll learn to be patient.
  3. You answered your own question.
    Losing money teaches patience. Take it from one who learned that way.
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    If you know what signal you are looking for, there is no reason to act before it arrives.
  5. Patience IS a skill.

  6. Please elaborate on your personal experience.

    This happened to me, too.
    Losing money teaches you to be patient.
  7. All you have is time. why you in a hurry?
    you're going to sit in front of that damn computer 10 or 12 hours every day anyway so what's your rush? Take your best trades and run speculative scenarios on the rest.
    that's how you kill your time.
  8. The OP sounds like he's saying:
    "I want patience and I want it NOW!"


    In order to acquire patience one must first have faith. You must have faith in that which you are expecting patiently...
    It is during the times of tribulation that we develop our patience... for it is then that we need the most faith to look beyond the present troubles...

    This are all principles that apply to all aspects of life, including trading. One must learn to be patient in all aspects of life... you can't expect to be patient while in the market if you don't exercise patient in other, simpler, areas of your life.

    Romans 5:2-4
    Romans 8:24-25
  9. I hate having patience...When I want something I want it now! :D ...and trading the forex sloooow as it can be sometimes, patience is very important, especially sinse the set ups I trade (forks) take 10+ hrs or more than a day sometimes.

    Even scalping requires patience
  10. I have Post-it with three things on it Patience, Discipline, and Good Setups
    Patience is the hardest part for sure.
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