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  1. IBM had great results but are well off their after hours highs. also,INTC finished well of their highs as well. was that option related? who knows but the futures are down after a blowout from IBM. perhaps a look under the hood shows some kinks in IBM's quarter?
  2. warrior it was a very strong qtr. Especially in folding in new software buys.... if there is a chink it's probably in how much the weak dollar helped, I'm having some trouble backing that out... maybe up to 8 cents?~ si
  3. I wouldn't reach too much into short term price movement.
  4. i seem to remember IBM having a habit of gapping up and then selling off after strong earnings only to eventually continue up. may be a tough daytrade. the question is whether or not wall street believes they can continue with strong growth in a weak economy. IBM said they saw no impact. is that a no impact or a no impact yet?
  5. The order pipeline is VERY strong for IBM going forward.

    As far as the currency translation is concerned, revenues would have been +4% without the currency benefit, as opposed to +8%

    Business was strong for IBM across all business lines.
    Do you even have a basic understanding of how much of their earnings come from non-US sales?

    Did you listen to the conference call?
  6. IBM's earnings were up on the weak dollar
  7. The real question is how much did the weak dollar effect IBM's earnings . . . As I stated in my previous post, it was +4% impact.
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    Who cares, the stock is trading at 52 week highs currently! Looks like a sign of strength to me.
  9. Oh that's funny because Nokia's earnings were down because of a weak dollar.??

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