This is 1929 deutsche lowers qtr 4 gdp to 0% read

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  1. Deutsche Bank cuts U.S. growth estimate to 0%

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    Last Update: 5:42 PM ET Nov 28, 2006

    WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) -- The U.S. economy has stalled, Deutsche Bank economists said Tuesday in a note to clients. "In light of continued weakness in the economic data, we are cutting our fourth quarter real GDP growth forecast to zero from the 1.0% that we were originally predicting," wrote Joe LaVorgna and Carl Riccadonna. The economists made the forecast change following Tuesday's weak durable-goods report, coupled with tepid reports from retailers. "Consumer spending is not getting the boost from falling gasoline prices that many analysts anticipated," they wrote. Other economists aren't so glum: The average forecast for growth in the fourth quarter is 2.3% following a 1.6% gain in the third quarter.
  2. Not knowing is Deutsche Bank a conservative forecaster or liberal? Either way that is scary. I guess that justifies the dollar getting creamed right now along with other fundamentals.
  3. Thats what happens when Absinthe is legal.
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    A few people are suggesting that this economy is already in a recession!!!

  5. Maybe.....but not stagflation..come on
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    1.8% is the consensus for tomorrow.