This health care bill is so misunderstood

Discussion in 'Politics' started by options2001, Mar 20, 2010.

  1. Well people are so mis informed about this health care bill its not even funny. This bill is not a cost containment bill. It is a coverage bill. It will cover 30 million uninsured and probably 12-15 million illegal immigrants in some way or form in the future

    It is being marketed as cost cutting bill which it is not. It is being passed by people who think it is immoral for some people not to have health insurance.

    The argument should be about whether all the people in US should have privelege and access to health insurance. Again every single person has access to Emergency services, but not other medical services.

    I see all the people arguing that their insurance premiums are going up so much,so we need to pass this bill. this bill wont do much to stop that. There are much better ways to contain costs than this bill. This bill's primary aim is not lower health care costs. This bill aim is to cover as many people as possible. Lots of ignorant trolls on this site cant understand that
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