This has to be the greatest indicator EVER (pic)

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  1. (note: I'm kidding. It's obviously from some shitty EA that some scammer is selling. It meets all the criteria: Heikin-Ashi candles, trend bars at the bottom (people must love these cuz all scammers include them), center-of-the-universe background magic math charts complete with fib ratios)

    Forex forums crack me up so bad. People actually think this stuff makes money [​IMG]

    It's pretty, though. I'll at least admit that much.

  2. Sorry I would have replied sooner but it took a few minutes to recover from my grand mal seizure. :D
  3. Are you sure that's not the event-horizon of a blackhole?
    Perhaps Stephen is "Hawking" some new trading systems. (ba-dum-dum)
  4. It makes good art. Reminds me of some kind of theory of the universe.

    string theory maybe?
  5. haha, you beat me to it!
  6. Wow. Great Indicator. Every time price hits a line, it does something!
  7. ROFL! :D
  8. lol, hard for that not to happen when there are lines all over the place!
  9. I just made 200k off that chart!

    Thanks for posting.
  10. spd


    I think I saw that at the Museum of Modern Art once.
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