this has got to be a blow off top

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  1. I can't believe this market. It is making me sick literally. This is the market that seems to go up forever and ever, yet can drop like a rock any time . A stockmarket going straight up a trader's worst nigtmare
  2. "This Has Got To Be A Blow Off Top!!!"...

    Yes and we ONLY have about 90% left to go...


  3. Yeah I agree that this manipulated "rally" is bullshit. Hold your nose and stay long because it's going higher.

    DOW hits a major high and this is the nonesense the street can come up with?! "Bargain Hunters"?!! The rally was led by two corporations ( F and TOL ) currently inside a death spiral? WTF! LOL :D

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  4. Shorten your time frame.
  5. Don't worry about these paper trading morons who always have a nice story behind every move.
  6. S2007S


    year end bargain hunters hahahahahah

    Now that is funny.

    Where are the bargains???

    I could see if the markets were down 15% for the year ....
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    kudlows friend JUST SAID 14,000 by JUNE and 15,000 by end of 2007.


    The dow this month so far is up 2.5%.

    For some reason I hope this market drops to 11500 by end of 2007 just to see their reaction to the outcome. There is nooooo fear in this market...0000000000000
  8. I see something i have seen before. The end of the run up is coming.
  9. There's no point fighting this market. It will die when it wants to. This market is a trend and swing traders dream right now.
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    Have you seen the international markets, its been one straight run for the past 2-3 years.
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