This happened when Pakistan banned short selling in June

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  1. Pekelo


    Apperently after a rally the selling resumed...

    They didn't rally on Friday...

  2. "The market will go where it's gonna go" said Paul Tudor Jones. :cool:
  3. Joab


    That looks just about right to me.

    Tons of small range days and very few scattered wide range moves.
  4. How long do I have to say it? DOW down to 7,000, and then a new bull market until the next cycle. WTF is wrong with people who don't see the cycle or the necessity of correction?
  5. Gummint wants there to be NO CORRECTIONS.. E-V-E-R... not in the stock nor housing market... might reflect poorly upon incumbents come election time... :mad:
  6. dont


    Up for three days and like down every day for a month try gamma scalping that :D
  7. You'd think these braniacs would begin to "get it"!

    13 months later from the initial drop into a correction and subsequent "surprise" discount rate cut the market is getting less and less prone to "buy into" these temporarily "propped up" markets.

    Now that they have thrown the "kitchen sink" at it, perhaps NOW they may run out of their "fixes"!

    The market wants to correct. . .BIG WHOOPEE!

  8. Pekelo


    So why are you messing with scalping YM instead of just going short and wait for the next 2-3 months???
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  10. Fair question. I make too much doing what I already do to just wait. That, and I loathe holding overnight. I like to sleep without fear that my money will be gone in the morning.
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