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    I use NinjaTrader for trading stocks. I just had a nice trade, turns out I was in the Sim mode! I was so pissed! NinjaTrader doesn't even allow the Sim account to be removed. Please let me hear some stories like this to make me feel better. Thanks guys.
  2. you need to reset your properties....uncheck the "Global Simulation Mode"....then when you log onto your data feed, it will open the DOM up automatically in your regular account, and you will have to manually put it into SIM mode. Hope this helps.
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    Thanks, did it. Man, and this trade would have put me positive for the day. It just had to happen on the best trade of the day I guess, no chance it would happen on the worst =)
  4. Hi Cubical,

    Yeah, it's happened to me too... twice. You can also change in the DOM properties the option "Simulation mode color" to something flashy, so you will realize it's in sim mode.

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    PS This is like the toast falling on the butter side every time, I've never heard of anyone making a LOSING trade only to find out it was in simulation mode. :eek: Oh, well...
  5. This should not have occurred. SIM mode should have been clearly identified on the screen somewhere. With Thinkorswim's platform, it's clearly identified.
    Best to wait for Ninja 7.0 release.
  6. NinjaTrader goes through great pains to make sure that every trader knows whether they are in SIM or whthether they are trading an active account, and which account they are trading if they have more than one to choose from.

    Just chalk it up to a beginners mistake and keep on moving.
  7. It happened to me once but the other way around with Bracket-trader. I had made 3 great trades, switched it to sim, went for a walk, came back and made a little scalp trade that instantly went against me...widened the stop, widened the stop, widened the stop, got to my maximum pain, closed out the position, threw the mouse, got another mouse, closed the program and noticed that the TWS showed a positive in the P&L, then realised I was in sim.
    I was a good lesson to learn and I'm glad it didn't really cost me.
    Bracket-trader now has the real/sim real big and the color changes from one to the other.
    I've been trying Ninja and really like it, but I've been in sim only.
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    I've done this. entered a position on QM and it immediately went 50c against me, without a stop. i was pissed cause i thought my small acct was fucked. then i realized i was in sim.

  9. Glad to hear that! :D Best trading
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    Where is this at? I think im just blind, but I cant find it. Thanks
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