This guy's a legend in his own mind

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    You're not familiar with "the Onion", are you? :cool:
  2. Looks like James Crack has some competition!

  3. fan27


    He may be good, but who called the surge up this morning. Thats right, it was me. Thats why I bought the first 5 min candle on the break of yesterday's high. 7 minutes later I took a 1.5 point loss. But thats OK, I knew we were going higher. Never mind the fact that I didn't buy the 9:55 Bullish candle or the Break of the days high. I may be $160 in the hole today, but I called this up move. I am the S&P master.

    Alright, I feel better now. :) :) :)
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  5. I'm LOVIN IT!!!

    That was hilarious "Fan-27"
    Keep us posted about the NEXT big trade, just like James Stock.
    Thanks again, it brought a big smile to my face!

  6. Mecro


    LOL the onion is great/

    The Stoner guy and H-Dog are the best.
  7. Why would you (in a right mind) call yourself THE ONION> What a dork. He should call himself The A$$H@LE. Either way, anything for a good laugh. Maybe CNBC should hire him t o make a Beavis and Butthead type investment show. I think we can find someone here (will not say names..) to play opposite of him. I can see it now
    "Like I think the market might move tomorrow,... I'm going to buy like 5million shares of Mcdonalds....Then I'm going to buy Qualcom because it just has to go to $500 a share, I've got a feeling.."Yeah, Yeahh...Uhhhuhhhh.
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    He even looks retarded!
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