This Guy TraderTom is a joke!

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  1. I have seen this guy on Bloomberg and CNBC at times in the past. He offers education to teach you to trade. I guess since he's on the tube people believe he's the answer to their quest to succeed in trading! Take a look at his calls and see how you can learn how to get killed in these markets! Unreal! One of his trades. Look at the stops used

    SPECIAL UPDATE 17th January 2008 15:42pm

    I have bought a position for a longer-term swing in the March SP500 futures. My entry is 1360. My stop will be 1330 for now. I will look to move that up as soon as I feel safe we are moving higher. The entry signal is a perfect harmonic move from the highs last year.

    Good luck today

    Scroll down to see the rest of his trades this clown has done!

  2. He must be doing something right to be up 600% up last year from discretionary type trades alone. True he is different from the norm, but I think you have to be doing something different than the rest of the crowd to be get ahead in this business.

    There seems to be so much negativity on this forum in other threads especially toward various approaches i.e Elliott Wave, Gann to name a few. Too much reliance on those whiz bang indicators and not enough on pattern and price action.

    IMO if it Toms approach works for him them good luck to him.
  3. He says he's up 600%. Did he provide proof of this?

    But yes, if in fact one is up 600% it is circumstantial evidence that they have an idea of what they are doing.

    The problem is a vendor actually making money vice saying they make money.
  4. Even if there was proof, it is no guarrantee that others will succeed using the same tools.

    It's not the approach that does the trading it's the trader and every trader is different
  5. LOL here we go again.