This guy sounds like JH , no ?

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  1. Is that your blog ???

    Seriously, how did you find a blog like that in which the blog was started today on June 4th Wednesday. :confused:

    By the way, there are other well known ET members that advocate "Always In" and they don't even use JH.

    In fact, I've seen a few even bash JH.

  2. Someone with a wordpress blog sent this link to me , you tell me how he could find that , maybe you can check out new blogs ?
  3. This is not Jack Hershey. It does not contain the key words and nonsense that Jack usually spews in one of his conscious moments. Unless you spot some of the following words within one of his ramblings you are relatively safe from spending (wasting) time looking further into the diatribes of a mental patient.

    1)Connors-Hayward volatility compression

    2)channel volatility expansion


    4)kindred process

    5)The OODA and its feedback loops

    and the sure fire words that REALLY give him away..........

    "600 and 700 series IBM" and..... "teletype"

    Always have a list such as this either taped to your monitor or commited to memory so u can't be fooled.

    A word of caution:

    Jack has numerous suckers (he calls them disciples) that run loose like orphans without an orphanage. They are dangerous in that they have been totally brainwashed by Jack and his sidekick Spydertrader and mindlessly repeat the aforementioned "keywords" with conviction and authority.

    They are dangerous and you should avoid them at all costs.

    One last dead giveaway is the JH issued toolkit. All disciples carry this as it's mandated by Jack. It usually consists of a 64 Crayola Crayon set and a yellow or powder blue plastic ruler and a three ring binder (to store all charts).

    Ring leaders or "Quasi-Quants" as they are labeled, can be spotted by the nifty chrome plated, single hole puncher tool dangling from their "Trading Belts". For those in the know, these QQ's are responsible for approving all charts drawn by the disciples and punching the necessary holes in their "creations" so that they can be entered into the three ring binder. These punches make square holes instead of the standard round holes so don't think you can run to Wal-Mart and buy one.

    Hope this helps.
  4. asap


    have you completed the doctoral thesis on JH theories yet? congrats.

  5. LOL , the reason I thought this could be Jack is because the guy talks about 200% of the daily range = 3 times the daily range of JH
  6. Good day all,

    No , I am not JH , in fact,I never hear of this man.

    All of you invited to follow

    (Trader I know is prof with more 15 years experience)

  7. I personally know a trader who averages 20pts/day on the ES and has been doing so ever since its inception.

    He lives in a large house near Vancouver and keeps to himself. He moved there from China when he was 20 y/o back in the 60s, and later bought a seat of the VSE.

    It is possible, folks. There are traders out there making huge sums of money and 2-3 times the avg daily range would not surprise me one bit. Just because you are unable to do it, doesn't mean others can't.