This guy pretends having undergone a "techno-fascism" personality deletion experiment

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    "As far as I can remember I was the victim of a program with the

    aim to delete my personality -- literally to dissolute my

    and extract it from my nervous system. I am not sure

    whether I am
    able to put all the details I remember in the right

    chronological order.
    During a mind control treatment you lose your ability to localize your-
    self in space and time as a

    consequence of being electroshocked,
    drugged, hypnotized and

    treated with electromagnetic fields. They
    told me that I was

    sentenced to death for spying and that they have
    found a method to execute me, but leave my body alive.

    To achieve this aim they applied a least the following methods:

    Depatterning treatment using electroshocks, prolonged sleep and

    psychic driving (D.E.Cameron).

    A method developed by H.C. Tien called ELT (Electrolytic
    This uses electroshock and behavior modification with

    an aversion
    conditioning of the old and a reward conditioning of

    the desired
    personality. This is the most perverted method which

    ever has been
    developed in the frame of classical psychiatry.

    Classical hypnosis, drugs and so on.

    Electrical torture of my penis. They used a device which I call

    "torture trouser". This is a sort of loin-cloth made of leather

    and steel bonds by which an electrode is fastened to the penis

    the victim. They probably insert an electrode in the urethra. So

    they can induce maximal pain with minimal traces. Not leaving

    visible marks of torture is essential, because these signs could

    remind the victim of being brainwashed in spite of the fact that

    his memory has been erased electronically afterwards. For

    supply they use a cable or a battery so that you can

    freely move
    and if the torturer wants to torture you he sends an

    electric signal
    to the battery using a transmitter. This is a

    very practical device
    for aversion "therapy".

    They suggested to me that they would torture me so long until I

    gave up my life, until I accept to be dead, until I would be dead

    with my body alive. And indeed, after some time the victim is

    forced in[to] some sort of "feign death reflex" concerning his

    original personality. This feign death reflex is frozen

    by dissolution of memory. They gave me a drug that

    induces near
    death experiences. When I was clinically dead a

    voice suggested
    to me that he was god and that he had decided

    that I have to be
    born again as a slave. Then I was reanimated.

    They used electromagnetic fields to induce panic, fear,

    and pleasure. By this means they conditioned me very

    They used ESB, too, but it was not so effective.

    They even coagu-
    lated parts of my nucleus amygdala to produce

    obedience. They
    detected the brain wave patterns associated with

    mental states
    and conditioned not only the mental states, but the

    neurophysiological states, too.

    They obviously have found a wavelength with hypnotic effects so

    that they could give me posthypnotic orders in deep trance


    My memory was erased by electroshocks, radiation, drugs,

    hypnotic orders and the described torture mechanism."
  2. This would be a joke if there wasn't now proof from the declassification of governement MK-Ultra Project - thanks to the Freedom of Information Act that they would like to suppress of course -

    Declassified MK-Ultra Project Documents:
    Table of Contents: Pages 1-101


    page 001: Proposal for stimulus response experiments on biological systems
    page 002: Memo, Destruction of drug and toxin related files

    page 003: Destruction of MK-Ultra Project files

    page 004: Covert testing of materials on unwitting subjects

    page 004: Human testing issues, U.S. citizens and foreign nationals

    page 006: Covert Action Operations, chemicals and biologicals

    page 007: Inspector General & Agency controls over MK-Ultra Projects

    page 008: MK-NAOMI, destruction of toxin records, etc.

    page 009: Explanation of exemptions

    page 010: Behavioural control with chemical, biological and radiological materials

    page 011: Scope of MK-Ultra, testing on animals and humans

    page 012: Technical Services Division, biochemicals in covert operations

    page 013: Adminstration, Legalities, Disclosure, Exemptions from audits

    page 014: Administration, Inspector General, biochemical behavioural controls

    page 015: Human behavioural control; radiation, electroshock, graphics

    page 016: Record keeping; disabling and lethal substances.

    page 017: Record keeping, capabilities and limitations of operational substances

    page 018: Materials-behavioural and physiological changes in humans

    page 019: Mk-Ultra specialists, management design & funding

    page 020: Future evolution of the system, pharmaceutical products, links

    page 021: Testing, development, environmental testing on unwitting subjects.

    page 022: Working relationships with the Bureau of Narcotics for testing.

    page 023: Contingent effects of covert testing, economic loss, sickness, etc.

    page 024: Risk of physicians making correct diagnosis of covert testing.

    page 025: Covert testing of substances and devices on unwitting subjects.

    page 026: Risk of future release of information by unwitting test subjects.

    page 027: Current estimates of Mk-Ultra capabilities.

    page 028: Harrassment and disabling materials, Mk-Delta.

    page 029: Logistics of covert testing

    page 030: Mk-Delta organization, field testing, interrogations.

    page 031: Espionage operations, foreign developments in the field.

    page 032: Recognition and countering of hostile intelligence activities. Human behavioural controls.

    page 033: Basic research, procurement, testing, development of delivery systems.

    page 034: Administration, filing, and record keeping issues.

    page 035: Salaries, overhead, fees, related issues.

    page 036: Admnistrative organization, research and development plans.

    page 037: Admnistrative organization, research and development plans.

    page 038: Section cover sheet, blank, Tab A.

    page 039: Sensitive research areas: covert biological and chemical warfare.

    page 040: Section cover sheet, blank

    page 041: Percentage limits on invoices, certification, etc.

    page 042: Chemical materials causing reversible, non-toxic aberrant mentalstates. Potential for discrediting individuals, elicitinginformation, implanting suggestions, etc.

    page 043: Percentage limits on invoices, certification, etc.

    page 044: Organization, technical control of projects, etc

    page 045: Progress reports.

    page 046: Section cover sheet, blank.

    page 047: Administration, Director's Office, Percentage limits on invoices.

    page 048: Certification of Invoices.

    page 049: Administrative organization of subprojects

    page 050: Research memoranda, Progress reports.

    page 051: Certification of Invoices.

    page 052: Hypnotic Experimentation Research

    page 053: Hypnotic Experimentation Research:

    page 054: Working committees, Administrative Plans, Field Demonstrations.

    page 055: University Psychology Department, letter.

    page 056: Report, letter.

    page 057: University expenditures

    page 058: Subprojects 5, 25, 29,and 49

    page 059: Subprojects 5, 25, 29,and 49; equipment purchases

    page 060: University psychology department memo.

    page 061: Subproject 5, invoice

    page 062: Subproject 5, invoice

    page 063: Subproject 5, invoice

    page 064: Transfer of research project to new University

    page 065: Correspondce-University Psychology Department

    page 066: Correspondce-University Psychology Department

    page 067: University Expense Sheet

    page 068: University Expense Sheet- Receipt

    page 069: Check Receipt

    page 070: Receipt Certification

    page 071: Receipt - Mk-Ultra Subproject 5

    page 072: Receipt - Mk-Ultra Subproject 5

    page 073: Invoice - Mk-Ultra Subproject 5

    page 074: Invoice - Mk-Ultra Subproject 5

    page 075: Certification - Mk-Ultra Subproject 5

    page 076: Finance Document - Mk-Ultra Subproject 5

    page 077: Authorization & Time Schedule -Mk-Ultra Subproject 5

    page 078: Mk-Ultra Hypnosis - 100 Subjects, 6 experiments.

    page 079: Recall of hypnotically acquired information by signal

    page 080: Expense Report - Mk-Ultra Subproject 5

    page 081: Expense Report - Mk-Ultra Subproject 5

    page 082: Covert Security Clearance authorization

    page 083: Hypnotic experiment- technical details

    page 084: Hypnotic experiment- technical details

    page 085: Hypnotic experimen t- technical details

    page 086: Hypnotic experiment - technical details

    page 087: Handwritten notes on experiments

    page 088: Handwritten notes on experiments

    page 089: Handwritten notes on experiments

    page 090: Handwritten notes on experiments

    page 091: Handwritten notes on experiments

    page 092: Hand drawn room diagram, non-hypnotic recall

    page 093: List, Hypnotic recall

    page 094: Handwritten notes, Hypnotic recall

    page 095: Handwritten notes

    page 096: Hand drawn room diagram

    page 097: Photo of experimental hotel room

    page 098: Photo of experimental hotel room

    page 099: Photo of experimental hotel room

    page 100: Photo of experimental hotel room

    page 101: Expense Sheet
  3. Obviously there are still some bugs in the process - the "beyond weird" guy has a pretty detailed memory of procedures and devices that were supposedly erasing his memory and personality.

    Although, maybe they did finally perfect the process. Jacques Chirac and John Kerry were probably run through it - they've got no personality :)
  4. Sorry I misundertood you.

  5. Of course there are bugs even windows has bugs all the more so for a human haha !

    As for Jacques Chirac you can say it as well as for nearly the whole class of governents in the world. In fact they can't do much.