This guy lost 1 million bucks on FNM/FRE

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    I saw this on the message boards dated Sept 6 on yahoo. This guy went into great detail on why he was long and why it was a good bet. It was a little too long to post here (as it was about 4 or 5 parts to his ramblings on yahoos message board) But the short story was apparently he is a money manager and held into the weekend. Unfortunately he claims it was only 5% of his portfolio. Darn...I really want to see at least one person wipe it with that stock.
  2. Why would you hope to see a person completely wiped out by FNM/FRE?

    What is wrong with you?
  3. I got to say OUTCH. but Yahoo message board is even worse then ET, so much BS. Everyone calls tops and bottoms with 0 accountiblity. at least here you know the guy with 2000+ posts is not gonna say too much crap he cant prove
  4. Belok


    Who doesn't like to stare at a trainwreck as they're driving by?

    Whether or not you admit to enjoying it, you're at least interested.
  5. There's a difference between curious about a guy who takes a huge loss, VS hoping that he would have completely blown up instead of just a mini-blow up
  6. best quote i heard today. please someone tell me where it is from

    Your sitting on the train tracks and the train is comming at you at 5 mph and hit you as you sit on the tracks. someone asks you, why dindt u move? u said i thought i would go on another track. it was someone on cnbc talking about all the time people had to get out of there FNM and Prefered stocks