###THIS guy knows how to eat!!!

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  1. I might consider working if I could have his job.. :D

  2. Right, thats why I say, "earn" is the most loaded word in the english language ...definitely on a continuum.
  3. what does he eat that the rest of us don't?
  4. His show "Diners Drive Ins and Dives" ...watch it on the Food Channel. I' try to describe it but would fall short of giving it any justice. If you eat like this alot then you've got my vote too.
  5. has that gut heard about the ongoing cholesterol problem in the country

    he must pop statins like M&M's :D
  6. What are you, watching your figure or don't you like to eat? I try to keep what I eat under some control but there are times when
    I just have to give in to something substantial and I swim.
  7. I'm a vegan and I love to eat :D
  8. ...vegetables :D
  9. I have a grill out in backyard... custom rigged myself to grill any vegetable to perfection.

    (i should market the SOB) :cool:

    I had the most SUCCULENT grilled Eggplant & Mushrooms to die for...

    if you ate what I ate you'd never grill another piece of beef period

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