This guy is an unknown prophet! Check out his calls are spot on!

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  1. JackRab


    Prophetic... right... let's give Mo a try than eh?
    #21     Oct 2, 2017
  2. wrbtrader


    I predicted Georgia replacing Penn State and TCU replacing Oklahoma.
    #22     Oct 4, 2017
  3. The trading prophet has a new prediction!

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  4. vanzandt


    Georgia will lose at least one. SC, KY, Auburn, Georgia Tech.... no way they're going undefeated.
    TCU....losing to Oklahoma is a given. Baylor is always a crapshoot.
    Penn State has a tough schedule. U of M, OSU, MSU.... tough call. It'll come down to injuries. They could lose one... but there'll be at least one team without a perfect season in the playoffs. Penn State should get the nod.
    Clemson skates into January.
    Bama is Bama. They can't be beat lol.
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  5. He does MMA predictions. It seems with very high accuracy. Just check out the channel.
    #25     Oct 8, 2017
  6. If someone returns food which would be difficult since most stores have strict returns on perishable goods will only credit their food stamps back. Additionally, to purchase on Amazon, a credit, debit card or bank account would be required since it's online purchases. That will rule most of these people out.
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  7. vanzandt


    Speaking of prophets.
    I missed one. :D
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  8. vanzandt


    Hey Mr Prophet... in your last video (link on another thread here) you spoke of "the sellers of the shovels" in crypto... but you failed to provide any ideas.
    We all know the chip players for gosh sakes. Old news.
    Sitting through a 10 minute Youtube with no meat on the bone.....
    .....Fool me once....
    So who else sells the crypto shovels that we haven't already figured out here?
    PM me if you want the answer. ;)
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  9. There was "plenty of meat on the bone" The meat from 3 big quick safe profitable trades.The only fools were the ones who didn't listen. Trading prophet has 3 safe trades and 3 big wins that's 100% accuracy. Last video was an important updated of the 3 positions taken in the market and future trades being looked at. Just subscribe to find out what's coming up next.
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  10. * * * UPDATE * * *
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