This guy is an unknown prophet! Check out his calls are spot on!

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  1. It not only went up, it went up 10% in one month and Verizon went up 11% in only 10 days. For companies this large that's a huge move and a way to make some great money safely. What calls have you made?
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  2. Who the hell cares what you trade? As long as you're right you will make money. You make no sense.
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  4. Prob the wifey
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    Amazon is BIG in the UK too.
    Does he only predict 1 trade a month Trigger ?
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    I always enjoyed reading your very insightful posts.

    If he is and not disclosing then he is dishonest and we should disregard the OP.

    If he isn't then I appreciate him offering an opinion on trading/investing and you offering counter arguments. That is what makes this site so useful to me. In that case please give him a chance to argue his points so maybe I can learn something.

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  7. It doesn't look like it. He seems to predict a lot of other things as well. He was prophetic predicting the republican nomination and presidential election as well and also explained why. The best thing to do would be subscribe to his channel.
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    Does he do sports predictions too ?

    For example, can he tell me which teams will make the NFL playoffs, college football playoffs and the winning horse in the next Breeders Cup Classic.
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    I have seen those who are in Food stamps buy food (like chips, potatoe,....) using their food stamp and then return them!!! and get cash and then go and buy whatever they wish. Cigarettes, alcohol, big screen TV,..... So basically they can launder their food stamp and buy stuff from Amazon. All things said, Walmart knows how to compete with AMZN and their online and pick up in store system works great.
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    Penn State
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