This guy is an unknown prophet! Check out his calls are spot on!

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    I'll just have to say this... I'm at 1 minute mark of the Walmart-AMZN vid... and him comparing Walmart with AMZN based on the fact that US people on food stamps won't buy from AMZN... (which could technically be correct) completely misses the fact that AMZN is a far more broader company in that they are covering worldwide and I assume Walmart is predominantly US...

    And... why on earth would he think that low margins focussing on the poor will do better than higher margins focussing on the middle class and up....??
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  3. OMG!!! Sweet mother of jesus.

    He predicts one of the great juggernauts of the modern age , Walmart, will continue to go up .

    Epic! And now I have to lie down and catch my breath

    I predict TWTR will see single digits.
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    He also likes to sing songs... hahaa
  5. Blah.

    Show me a guy who can predict/trade the daily broad market....SPY, DOW, SPX, o_O

    That's the Holy Grail of trading, or ultimate skill -- The Big Game, or nothing,
    Move bedrock. -- instead of just sharpshooting jackals on the surface.
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    I think Asda the supermarket chain is owned by Walmart in the UK.
  7. wmt up today! green
    shitz, this guy IS a profit
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  8. Any relation to this guy?
  9. It's not technically correct it is correct. Do the research. Walmart is also worldwide and Amazon is also predominantly a US market.
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  10. Why? Watch the video. It's explained. It's common knowledge why. Because selling things to poor people collectively makes more money than selling collectively to rich people. That's why Walmart is far more successful than Tiffany's. Poor and middle class people collectively have more purchasing power than rich people do collectively.
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