This gets me so angry....

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  1. CNBC will hoot and holler when the mkts are at or near new year highs... and i mean they wont shut up about it.... all like little kids on the night before Christmas.... even though the mkts may be at that level with no technical strength behind it. And in some cases the mkts open on a huge gap up, and start steadily trading down for the rest of the day.... but the CNBC cheerleaders will come on and report that the "mkt are strong today...." never mind that its been weak from the open and getting weaker. I really hate this kind of reporting...but what really burns me is when mkts are red or really really bearish.... there will be a somber tone in the reporting....a depressing, sad, commentary.
    THIS IS NOT FAIR....why cant CNBC be fair and report the mkts in the same tone whether the mkts are up or down???? This type of bias reporting is not fair for the bears and misleading to the bulls!:mad: :mad:
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    I agree it might be a little aggravating, but you have to remember the vast majority of the investing public has never been or never will be short. The media has to play to its audience.

  3. Screw CNBC.. just put it on bloomberg.
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    Since when do we care what reporters are saying?
    Beside, the bias is natural. Only very small minority (i.e. short sellers) have interest of market going down. Everybody else will applaud… The brokerage industry loves bull market, everybody trades more, mutual fund manager get their “well deserved” bonus, and the little guy with his 401 k account, starts extrapolating how many more years he have to work until retirement.
    What is really funny is when they are using the same data to explain opposite movement.
    For example headlines like “Oil is up on inventory data” and then several hours latter by the same reporter “Oil is down on inventory data”.:D
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    yep. most people are long. most small investors dont sell short. the traditional way of thinking says "if the market goes down, people are losing money" whether that is true or not.
  6. CNBC is pure static..turn it off and watch your PnL make a new 52 week hi on strong volume.

  7. Just turn it OFF!
    cnbc is for the dumb public.
  8. I get angry when stocks are red.

    Ahh thats better.
  9. You are joking right? Do you really think the Hedge funds and all the other big players are watching CNBC and saying "Wow we should buy more or cover our short position because Mark Haines is excited about the market." Come on dude don't fight the trend, the market is just strong lately and thats all there is to it. If you are short and getting smoked, then take it like a man. Don't balme it on CNBC
  10. Its not that im getting smoked...its just i cant get no traction....
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