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  1. I've tried a few different metals forums. so far, Kitco seems to be the most interesting.

    I love the metals markets more than any other market. I haven't found the right web site that discusses the fundamentals of the metals market in serious detail. I'm going by price action, but I'd really like to know what's going on around the world in terms of production, mine productivity, etc.

    Share the wisdom, people! Print magazines are also of interest.
  2. Why don't you actually get some hands on experience, whether it is futures or physical bullion? Go out there and do your own research instead of relying on forums & others?

    Most here trade futures, some invest & maybe trade bullion. If you trade bullion or arbitrage it, you either get a handle on the market & sentiment or you don't. Just put your capital into it and start, I did and have done very well, as well as learned a lot.
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    Other non-Ferrous metals are worth trading as well. Two summers ago, mindless momentum traders caught an upside breakout in platinum, which ultimately rose 900 points ($45K for a one-contract position). Three months AFTER the breakout, the government of South Africa cut off electric power to its platinum mines, which reduced supply and drove prices further upward. It was a pleasant little trade.

  4. With all due respect but what is there more to talk about.

    Either the goldbugs got it right and they will be living like kings the next decade


    They are just as dumb as those still flipping condos back in 2007.

    Who knows.:)

    500$ gold or 3000$gold?

    Time will tell.

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    The kitco forum is ridiculous. Its just a bunch of people going crazy when the POG rises and crying manipulation when it falls. I've never seen anything like it.

    If you want to truly understand the precious metals markets, it takes years. If you have been following the price of gold for years, you have a much much better understanding of the metals market than someone who just got interested and has a 10 year chart.

    Yes gold goes up and down, but there is alot more to it than a chart. You have to live through what is happening at the time to get a better understanding when to buy and sell gold next time.
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    Kitco is a haven of level headed investors when compared to

    I used to post at both sites but gave up and started my own forum with a handful of other Pm traders.
  7. Seriously, is worse than Kitco. They're both a conglomerate of lunatics, but the former is definitely more insane (if that is measurable) than the latter.
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    Even Axtome doesn't post there very much. Hard to believe it got too radical for him.

    Maybe he misses his arch nemesis!:)
  9. Yes, were you there when he claimed I was Ralph Nader in disguise trying to discredit him?
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    He was absolutely sure you were paid by the cartel to talk down gold on all the forums. He probably still thinks so.
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