This Fervor For Obama-ism Is A GREAT Concern

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  1. 1. Our people sense we're approaching the edge of the precipice... with their 401Ks having become 201Ks... and prospect for a bad world-wide recession, or worse. And because of this, the populace is susceptible and vulnerable to being "lead" virtually anywhere.... even hoodwinked

    2. He's promising great change

    3. He's a polished orator and therefore very persuasive.

    4. He's promising something which the people sense they want... for the Gummint to make their lives better financially.

    I sense this is like Germany was before WWII in the early days of Nazism.

    Now don't get your knickers in a twist... I'm not comparing NObama to Hitler (at least not yet, anyway).

    But Hitler's plan to "make things better" for the mass of German citizens were far-reaching and false.

    And while I doubt NObama has plans to invade and take over Europe, his Socialistic plans have the potential to escalate and take over the American economy and way of life much as Nazism took over Germany.

    Once the Socialistic system gets entrenched, it will be impossible to reverse... and what America IS and WILL BECOME will be very different from what made us great.

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    Yup. Obama's associations throughout his life over and over express hatred for the USA. No doubt Obama hates the USA the way it has been. He plans to radically change it into the image of his radical friends and associates. Your Germany example is very poignant.
  3. Since we're a mixed economy everything would be better if everybody who endlessly writes about the evils of socialism would just opt out of using public roads, tear up the social security checks, veterans' benefits, and refuse publicly funded medical discoveries.
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    Congratulations. That is the single dumbest political argument I have ever heard...
  5. That may be his intention but the higher powers who actually run this country will never let it happen.

  6. Exactly.
  7. Couple of comments on the media creation of Obama-ism. Been there done that. It could happen again.

    Warren Harding looked Presidential.

    "Not only was it the first campaign to be heavily covered by the press and to receive widespread newsreel coverage, but it was also the first modern campaign to use the power of Hollywood and Broadway stars,"

    "As an influential newspaper publisher with a flair for public speaking,"

    "Harding has been consistently ranked by scholars as one of the worst U.S. Presidents."
  8. People aren't complaining about that. They're complaining about thousands of dollars of landscaping around town halls. It's just an anology but you get my point.
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    The threat here stems from a Cult of Personality that is grounded in a man rather than principles.

    Its about Obama.

    Not the Constitution.

    And that will lead to very fucked up things.
  10. Fine with me. I'll stop paying $Millions in taxes and call it a deal.

    But keep in mind... if all of us with wealth (and who PAY FOR EVERYTHING) were to leave America, you Socialists would have nothing but a self-serving circle-jerk.
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