This feels just like 2001

Discussion in 'Trading' started by detective, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. You had tech earnings that just met guidance but guided much weaker and the stocks would get obliterated in the AHs and we've have huge gap downs and just runaway to the downside with no gap fillage. The Fed was massively cutting rates and it didn't matter. Stocks would go down almost everyday, with a deadcat bounce lasting usually one day and then more and more downside.

    There is no bottom here until you break 11,000 on the Dow and 1,200 on the S&P and create panic that lasts more than 30 minutes.
  2. where did all the GOOG $900 per share guys go???

    Cramer's buy tech in December kool aid drinkers are bleeding..

  3. Yeeehaw, sell sell sell. And then we have our short squeeze days. Gotta love it
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    It feels a lot like 2008 to me :D
  5. in many ways,it is like 2001. i agree with that. instead of fiber optic stocks coming down from 100 bucks,its solar.
  6. HAHA, I had JDSU then...I think it had a great day today actually.

    I think they had an 8-1 reverse split a couple years ago. Tat one just fell off my radar until I saw the media on CNBC pump it at the NAZ today.

  7. Reverse split :eek:
    You remember PCCLF? The aol of hong kong? Alot jumped in on that and the float was huge.

  8. Hey, I know this sounds doom and gloom but if bears really want to do cart wheels, all it will take is a terrorist attack whether on our soil (which where I lost a friend in WTC) or say in Iran or something. Maybe cut off some oil fields or something....

    Goes through my head every day. I'm, usually bearish but it will take a scenario like that to knock off 20% off the index's in a heartbeat. I know our "strong" economy will eventually get us there.
  9. Yeah those tickers sound familiar. Remember WANG computers. My first stock I bought in 1994....I thought it would take off and be a DELL or MSFT....Damn, I had some diamonds in the rough....I remember being in high school at that time and looking forward to lunch to get a quote...Think I actually had to pay for them 10c each!
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