this fed decision

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    is like waiting for a movie to come out that has a lot of trailers.. its so hyped now you wanna know whats going to happen!
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    well said!
  3. true, and market reaction will probably be ho hum..
  4. not a big deal

    just the fed
  5. I don't think so. I think the market is going to go insane. All this pent up emotion is going to blow it's top.

    That's just my guess.
  6. I bet their is alot of decent, and this will lead to a divided fed. Confusion will rein.
  7. S2007S


    I think we could easily see a 150-200 point swing in either direction.

    10 minutes to go

    Dow up 81 to 13484

    Nasdaq up 12 to 2593

    SPX up 10 to 1486
  8. nassau


    we should get the normal lately, short squeeze and profit taking.
    it takes time to really digest what is said and then read in what the cause and effect will/should be. Just another day of intervention to cause the necessary volitility while some of the big boys unload.
    remember friday is quad options expiry let alone the fact hedge funds and institutions have to meet their clients requests who have asked for their funds.
    interesting last options expiry the fed intervened at 815 hurting many hedge funds as their bought puts, sold calls and puts lost most of their premiums. now again fed intervention a few days prior to quad option expiry???? could this be one way to control hedge funds or put them out of business if they do not want to be regulated?

  9. rates up 500 basis points... just for fun

  10. I agree with your assessment, considering how tight that unresolved, pent up flag pennant has become over the last few weeks.
    Similar to the unresolved conflict in feb -- exploded in volatility that day.

    My best guess is 25 basis cut (conceivably 50, but doubtful). If they were to actually disappoint and say no rate change (since when does ben disappoint wall street?),
    that would definitely be a not good for long positions. Long here, but stop is ready in case of scenario b.

    25 basis cut, wall street has all the spin ingredients necessary to continue upside.
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