this explains it: studies show conservatives more fearful

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  1. does this explain all of the wingnut chicken hawks on et?

    Numerous studies have shown that conservatives tend to be more fearful than liberals.

    Scientists have found that people with conservative views have brains with larger amygdalas, almond shaped areas in the centre of the brain often associated with anxiety and emotions.

    On the otherhand, they have a smaller anterior cingulate, an area at the front of the brain associated with courage and looking on the bright side of life.

    "On the other hand, too much fear makes us stupid, and makes us easy prey to those who are trying to manipulate us.

    As I’ve repeatedly noted, the government exaggerates the threat of terror for political purposes."

  2. No, the liberalism of Baron explains this congregation.

    As to their disposition, this sums it up.

    Boy the way Glenn Miller played
    Songs that made the hit parade
    Guys like us we had it made
    Those were the days
    And you knew who you were then
    Goils was Goils and men was men
    Mister we could use a man like Herbert Hoover again
    Didn't need no welfare state
    Everybody pulled his weight
    Gee, our ol LaSalle ran great
    Thooose weerree thaaa daaaaayyyys:D
  3. Perhaps they'll come up with a drug, or a forced rehabilitation program to help us defects recover ...

    Seems to me this conclusion flies in the face of every god damn thing liberals* stand for .... "Fairness", "Tolerance", "Multiculturalism", etc, etc, etc, ... we are all the same after-all...

    Liberals truly do have a mental-disorder, it's time we stop pitying them for their utter lack of consistency, reasoning, honesty ...

    I always know 5-6-7 words into a person's opinion if they are a mindless zombie of the liberal variety...

    *"liberal" - in the modern day usage of the word, that is to say, anyone who defines themselves today as a "liberal"