This earnings season = sell the news?

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  1. It's not off to a promising start. They will sell the news if it's good and watch out below if it's bad. Thoughts?
  2. bah, not that big of a miss and cc comin' out explainin' the 'missin' 200mln. who knows stock may rise afterwards or tomorrow, for how phat of a chance that is.
  3. S2007S


    AA missed, simple as that .62 vs .77

    Down to $26.50 AH

    So many people are trying to make it look better than it is. AA is a market mover for the DOW but who knows. Hate saying this but the Dow can easily trade higher tomorrow.
  4. Thanks for the hint. I will buy puts and sell naked calls on each Dow component before earnings release. Easy cash!!!
  5. I'll be selling it tomorrow!
  6. I love 100% up room to go $$$
  7. Just curious, do you have that hotkeyed or do you type it every time?
  8. Looks like the market will gap down tomorrow at the open. Let's see how the dipsters will step up to the plate...
  9. Yeah, yeah, we get it already.

    Your schtick is so played out...just let it go.
  10. Hey it is ok....that line only works for a few years at a time.....then, "back to reality, whoops there goes gravity".....LOL!

    That line worked great in March of 2000! :eek:

    BTW, Amaranth lived by that line....or should I say died by it!!! :D
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