This dude made $15,000 in one stock trade

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    Been following this blog for quite a while, only trades Canadian stocks --- not much writting but quite consistent...

    Dude made $15k in one trade today.. don't see his methodology though...

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    Awhile back, maybe sometime in the 90s?, I saw some special report show very bad things about the corruption in the Canadian stock exchanges.

    I'm not saying it doesn't happen everywhere, or that newsrag tv shows are just about the last place I should be getting my facts from.

    The stuff they showed was pretty crazy, though, and I would be willing to believe people can make $15000 regularly on some Canadian stock exchanges.
  3. Based on what risk capital ?
  4. $15000.. ok, that number alone means absolutely nothing, because if that's on $1 million capital, then it's only 1.5%.
  5. There isn't any more corruption in the Canadian markets than their counterparts in the States.

    Knowing his capital base would be nice, but 15k (although I would take it), isn't all that great in the big scheme of things either.
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    if you see the E*Trade statement he's showing he's had 800 shares of the SBY stock at 38, I guess his total cost was about $ 30,400... he made 15k out of that.. that's like 50% in one day.

    As far as the Canadian exchanges, the TSX is very solid right now... I personally never had a problem. I wouldn't trade the OC stocks though... IMO
  7. You do realize he simply caught a lucky gap up? That 15k gain is not impressive, he lucked out on the company being taken private. You can get similiar and better returns gambling with biotechs.

    His other results are more interesting. Long bias, Canadian stocks are in a bullmarket and he is capturing it.
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    .... and this is a really big deal - why?? [​IMG]
  9. Who hasnt caught a 50% gap at one time or another ?

    Thats not trading.. if anyone can consistently find 50% gaps before they happen Ill just stop trading and give them my cash to use..they can keep 50%
  10. I can do it for you, but your going to need to wire me the money up front to this offshore account: 2904435367
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