"This doesnt make sense" in chatrooms

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  1. mute9003


    was watching the dpw shtshow earlier today and
    Saw alot of people commenting "this doesnt make sense" in response to what the chart did
    So obviously they are on the wrong side of the stock price

    But now im wondering what is it that doesnt make sense to those people but makes sense to people who are on the right side of the chart.

    The people losing obviously looked at all the data and concluded that the stock should be going one way but instead it completely reversed on them
    So spmething makes sense to one group of traders but not the other
  2. schizo


    Well, duh! That's what makes the market! (Sorry, I just couldn't resist :D)
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  3. mute9003


    What is it though?
    Is it that pros can spot manipulation in the market earlier?
    Obviously were not seeing something that profitable traders see...
  4. easymon1


    What timeframe charts do you like to trade mute9003?
  5. fan27


    The people losing money on this stock have no business trading because they have no clue what is going. Look at this chart...from October on it can't clear 2.60. Early November it cracks 2.20 and continues the downtrend. It is below all major moving averages and they are pointing downward. Move on from this POS trade already.

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  6. maxinger


    My goodness! DPW still alive after so many months?

    I am sure there are many happy traders who profited from trading DPW.
    And they are laughing all the way to the bank.
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  7. mute9003


    dpw is my most profitable stock so far...
    But i do get hustled on it sometimes too
    I was mostly using it as an example
    Whatever was happening today
    made sense to those who know and didnt make sense to those who didnt know

    im obviously not understanding something here because im one of those "makes no sense" people also

    what i see
    They held the bottom for long time. Had a nice triangle forming
    Then dipped a bit under within days of earnings
    Ault has been pumping good news after good news about him buying dpw shares and other companies shares as well
    Then every message board people expecting great earnings
    And also some big news during earnings and possible merger and his other company IPO soon
    Then stock just fn drops like a rock
    So what are we missing here?
  8. easymon1


    Do you have a method for working your trades?
  9. mute9003


    Not really
    I look for bottoms thats all know at the moment
    I watch alot of youtube videos to see what the traders do
    They all have their strategy
    But its all based on aalot of back story that none of them mention.
    And thats what im trying to learn now before i learn a specific strategy
    I want to learn the basics and general market behavior
    basically the understanding and information that separates the " makes no sensers" from " makes sensers"
  10. DPW was challenging on its way to $11, I played some of the most crazy stocks and it was one. The sellers were relentless, like RWLK. The Bulls bragged it to $2.74 and someone started selling block after block. I dumped because that kind of selling usually equals a shelf-offering. Of course after millions of shares above $2.5 it tanks from $2.7 to $1.90 only to release news the shorts get to cover at $1.50. DPW does not have the sponsorship it had in 2020.
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