This Dak Prescott is a bad QB

Discussion in 'Sports' started by wildchild, Nov 28, 2019.

  1. FriskyCat


    Wildchild is the epitome of the guy who never competed in sports. He probably harasses these guys on twitter as well. Armchair QB 101.
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  2. wildchild


    You have never seen a commercial with Dak Prescott? Is this supposed to be joke?
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  3. FriskyCat


    Give it a rest. They all live (or lived) in Dallas. I mean you could have thrown us a curveball and railed on about Andy Dalton or Mitch Trubisky or any of the other overrated QB's and it would have been more credible.
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  4. wrbtrader


    I have never seen a Dak Prescott commercial where I'm located (live at) but I've seen Dak commercials elsewhere in other cities. Just the same, I've seen Tom Brady commercials where I'm located at and have never seen Tom Brady commercials in other cities.

    Once again as a reminder, many sports commercials are region specific. For example, I've seen lots of Montreal Canadians commercials where I'm at and have never seen them in South Dakota nor Illinois.

    Thus, if you ever see me say Montreal Canadians commercials are everywhere...I would not be truthful. :cool:

    If you still do not get it about region specific...I lived in the state of Washington for awhile. I've seen lots of Seattle Seahawks commercials but I've never seen a Seahawk commercial in New Mexico, Arizona, South Dakota, Illinois, Montreal nor France. :D

    Simply, Dak Prescott commercials are popular wherever you're at in that particular region. Also, isn't he from Louisiana ?

    I'm willing to go out on the limb to say there are not any Dak commercials in Louisiana and a ton of Drew Brees commercials. We would need someone from that area to confirm that.

    Forgot to mention, today's cable packages allow you to subscribe to channels in other regions outside of your region as an add on package. You could be subscribed to an area that has more Dak Prescott / Dallas Cowboys TV commercials than you could handle.

    For example, my cable company gave me a free channel for one month under the "Free Preview" title...from the Detroit area. I was offended to see Detroit Red Wings TV commercials and I'm located in the Quebec City region.

    I would love to get free preview channels from Arizona, Illinois, New Mexico or South Dakota.

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    How come your mom never warned you about sniffing glue?
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  7. wildchild


    DIRECTV NFL Sunday Ticket TV Commercial, 'This Week' Featuring Dak Prescott

    Why? Can anyone explain why?
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  8. wrbtrader


    They can only explain it if they get DirectTV NFL Sunday.

    By the way, here's my favorite DirectTV NFL commercial in the Chicago region...


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  9. Pekelo


    Maybe they already paid for it like a year earlier. Or contractually they are obligated to run it.
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  10. wildchild


    Why would they pay for it last year? He was just as bad of a quarterback last year.
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