This Dak Prescott is a bad QB

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    Why is the NFL promoting this Dak Prescott so much? He is their marquee player. They have his mug smeared everywhere, but when you look at it, this Dak Prescott is a pretty lousy quarterback. The Thanksgiving display he put up was awful. The guy is doing commercials and saying how great he is. I must be missing something, because I am not at all impressed by this guy's play. The guy actually had the nerve to taunt the New Orleans Saints. This must be some kind of a joke.
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    And Garrett was an Ivy League grad as well (back when the Ivy League meant something).
  4. Dak leads the league in total yards, tied for 2d un TDs and 3rd in QB Rating.

    Stat wise he is having a really good year. He might not be the top QB in the league overall when you look at last few games with some duds and losses but his stats show he among the league leaders.

    Dalls last few games against Buf, Minn, NE is a tough schedule so they have lost against good teams but Dak is a young star who could finish the season leading in TDs and Yards and QB rating.
  5. Dallas has six wins this year.
    Zero wins are against a teams QB1.
    They have beaten all second string/third string QB’s.
  6. The team is underachieving in a big way, once again last night. I don't think it is on Dak's shoulders though as he is putting up good numbers and also he is not responsible for stopping opposing QBs.

    The defense and offense are starting late every game. Spotting the other team points and not scoring and then once they are in a hole, they stop handing off to Zeke and Dak has to make 30+ attempts. Bad recipe for winning.

    Bears have a good defense but Cowboys were executing so poorly the score does not show how much they were outplayed. Putting up 24 v. Chi should lead to a win in most cases.

    They will win the division because the other 3 teams suck even more. But unless the team gets fired up they will get bounced in first playoff game.

    Roster this year is SB caliber but on the field it is falling apart.
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  7. Agree on all
    Good post

    Also, I think Garrett has lost the locker room.
  8. Yeah we also forget they have had numerous Offensive and Defensive Coordinators in past 4 years, although Garrett has been the non change. I am not even sure what role he plays anymore to be honest. They played some shit teams early on but looked so good and then the Jets game....ugh.

    They will not renew his contract for sure rather than fire him. So sad this season because on paper they would a 3 seed at worst, but just looking like uninspired players. Maybe it is Garrett sine everyone knows Jerry Jones is really the voice.

    They need a Jimmy Johnson but Jerry will never again have a coach with a bigger role than him so get ready for next mouse...or maybe Ron Rivera....
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  10. Given Jerry Jones history, every coach with an opinion has been shown the door pretty quickly while Garrett has been kept around for years...

    Ron Rivera is not so quiet but could be the leader they need. I am not sure a college coach can make the transition to NFL after coaching for so many years. College coaches are treated like gods and then come to the pros and find the players run the show.
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