This cracks me up about some democrats

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  1. So one of facebook guys that made a ton of money is renouncing his citizenship to probably avoid some taxes and what not... so some senators are getting bent about it.

    [Eduardo Saverin's decision to leave the United States with his money, but not his citizenship, has apparently touched a nerve in the Senate. Sens. Chuck Schumer and Bob Casey held a press conference Thursday morning on Capitol Hill where they outlined legislation that would prevent the Facebook co-founder from ever returning to the United States.]

    BUT, they never complain about illegal immigrants coming into the country and costing the taxpayer billions upon billions. Does anybody see the craziness in schumers logic? They want rich people to never come back but the want poor illegals that take to be welcomed! :confused:
  2. absolute insanity. these assholes real feel they are entitled to his money. On his way out for good he should hold a press conference and tell them to go fuck themselves, and moon the camera on his way out.
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    What exactly do you mean by "they never complain"? We're breaking the records for number of illegals deported these past two or three years. That hardly sounds like government is ignoring the problem.
  4. its not all democrats but schumer ..

    WASHINGTON -- On the eve of the Supreme Court’s hearing of the Arizona immigration law, a top Democrat vowed to take congressional action if the high court upholds the state’s tough-on-immigration statute.

    The proposal from Sen. Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) would surely extend the immigration debate and touch off a states’ rights fight with strong opinions on either side. Should the court uphold Arizona’s SB 1070, Schumer said his proposal would prohibit states from enacting or enforcing their own immigration law penalties unless they are working in concert with the federal government
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    Democrats also want a 30% exit tax on those renouncing their U.S. citizenship.
  6. They fight Arizona about enforcing their immigration laws, yet they want to pass a law preventing this dude from ever coming back. Pass a law that will obviously effect others, because this guy said fuck it I'm leaving because you want to much of MY money.

    You don't see the craziness in this?
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    Coordination of enforcement, good; that's efficient and will save the taxpayer money. The fact remains, these past few years have been the most deporting years we've seen.
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    You want crazy? How about hiring an assassin to hunt him down and blow his head off?

    Putting out the "not welcome" mat to this ungrateful bastard is tame.
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    + 16 Trillion and counting...
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