This country is vaccinating the 18-59 year olds first over elderly for Covid-19

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    Makes perfect sense to vaccinate the working-age adult population first so they can go out to work and consume to speed up the economic recovery. They will be stronger and will be able to withstand better the side-effects from the vaccine also (I know my grandparents are all scared to receive the vaccine and would really prefer not to due to the side-effects that they are seeing especially that the vaccines have all been tested mainly on working-age adults). The elderly's mobility is reduced anyway and they won't be going out much and once the majority of the population is vaccinated, the elderly will be naturally protected although with the Chinese vaccine that they are receiving, the effective rate is only 79% so even with 67% of the population vaccinated as proposed in the article, it's really like 67% * 0.79 = 52.93%, just a little over half of the population vaccinated, not really reaching herd immunity, 1 in 2 people can still get infected. Oh well, it's better than nothing.

    But this vaccination distribution makes much better sense. Of course the US and the rest of the western countries won't adopt this because of all the "humanitarian" reasons especially after all the disastrous outbreak situation in senior long-term care facilities that have received much exposure and scrutiny.
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