this country is turning into a socialist dump

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  1. fvck gm and ford and all these lame ass companies who are asking for handouts. i'm sick of how this country is turning into a socialist economy where taxpayers pay for others' incompetence.

    -mervyns just went out of business. should we have given them a billion dollars too?

    -circuit city is closing 150 stores and is in dire straits. should we give them money to prevent their collapse?

    -ata airlines went ouf of business a few months ago. should we have given them money too?

    -and this doesn't count all the small restaurants and little stores and small businesses that are hurting. do they deserve $50b too?

    why the hell does gm think it's so special? you got yourself in this mess, you get yourself out of it.
  2. Joab


    We can't have a recession that would be a bad thing.

    God forbid that the normal business cycle would take place.
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    Did you miss the recent election? Americans think that taking money from people who do well and giving it to #&^-ups is good for the economy.

    60% of voters picked the economy as their #1 issue. And they voted for more power for the party that loves to redistribute wealth.

    While there are several dozen of us who think that smaller government is good and you should get to keep what you make, there are hundreds of millions of people who are looking into the pocket of somebody with more than they have. And they are drooling. But they are too stupid to notice the drooling idiots behind them with the same larcenous thought in mind. The guy making 40 grand a year is thinking "High time I got some money from the rich guys" while the guy living in public housing is thinking "Those bastids with jobs need to help me out" while the guy living under the overpass is thinking "Nobody behind me, let's redistribute all the wealth!"
  4. fvck gm and ford and all these lame ass companies who are asking for handouts.

    Why weren't you defending these companies when the gov't mandated all the social programs onto private industry. You can't fire anybody for anything, sensitivity training, alchol rehabilitation prgrams, mental health programs, policing the immigrants, defending themselves against prior enviromental problems which were legal at the time. You name it, gov't has asked private industry to pay for it.

    The gov't turned private industry into a social dumping ground.
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    Yeah....we got obama, nancey, & barney....It's all down hill from here!!

    DOW 3000 soon.....our Lady Liberty was crying along with opera @ obama's rally!

    france here we come! I vote GM goes to hell and I hope we do NOT bail them out!
  6. Obama is an urbanite from Chicago. It's possible he prefers the urban lifestyle over suburbs. So maybe he'll be all too happy to let GM and F fail followed by investment in mass transit.

    That would make me happy.

    Let's face it. The EL could use some upgrades such as an express line to O'Hare and the silver line would be great! I imagine New York is in a similar boat.

    if he does bailout GM and F, he's a fucking idiot.
  7. Stok


    He will bail gm out......nancy is now in charge!!!!!!!!!

    Let GM fail!!! They have sucked for years and any bailout (unlike the bank bailouts) will lose our $$.

    There is NO WAY gm can survive.....they have a net debt per shares of $36!!! No way it will happen and any $$ throw @ them is wasted!

    But wait.....we have elected a hard left liberal and now everything will b passed with the senate and congress!

    Spread the Wealth!!!!!!

  8. who the fuck are you kidding?

    Bush is the most liberal spending president of all time.

    Bush is the one bailing out all these corporations.

    I have yet to see you post anything condemning Bush!

    You might try crawling back into your hole.

    You are a half witted ideological imbecile. You and your type epitomizes EVERYTHING that has gone wrong in the US.

    Not to mention, nothing you post makes any sense.
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