This Country is run by morons

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  1. lmao!

    I get out of bed every day thinking 'surely they can't make things worse...' - naively, it would appear - because sure enough, yes...

    ....yes they can!
  2. and when did you stumble upon this revelation?
  3. yeah-- and we were doing so well before this year.
  4. It just is beginning to seem comical to me.

    I used to get angry, but now I laugh.

    Laughter is the last bastion, I guess.

    The government has to sell more than 1.7 trillion in bonds just to fund its budget, and doesn't know if the market will be willing to buy that much U.S. backed debt.


    Geithner is acting 'angry,' telling legislators he's going to ensure that the way Wall Street executives get paid undergoes serious reform.


    Bernanke says we could be out of the recession by 2010 and the fundamentals have improved.


    AIG might need 50 billion more, and GM will get 35 billion in taxpayer money when it files for BK.


    Add your comedic story below.
  5. BuyLoSellHi wrote""Geithner is acting 'angry,' telling legislators he's going to ensure that the way Wall Street executives get paid undergoes serious reform.""
    I read about this on Bloombergs this morning and it really pissed me off, bad.
    You're right, might as well laugh about it.
  6. Wall St is like a playground in grade school. You tell the kids, "Go play nice outside" and they do for a while. Then some kids start coming back to class with black eyes, missing teeth and bloody lips. What do you do then? You put some teachers (adults) in charge of monitoring them. They have proven that they're incapable of playing without supervision, so they lose privileges. Its nice to have some adults watching over the "kids" now.

    PS for those of you who think Wall St is the country's "best and brightest" you are sadly mistaken. Its a "who you know not what you know group." Most could not function outside their self-involved worlds.
  7. Just the other day he said executive pay regulation was a bad thing, and he did not support it.
  8. gkishot


    What makes no sense is that the market is higher today.
  9. Whats scary is how fast the dollar is dropping now. Not gooooooddd..
  10. You're the moron if you think all the key events that are happening are just dumb mistakes by incompetent leaders. You do not even realize that the leaders are just actors taking orders from their bosses.
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