This country is f&*&ed .. lol ... wild wild west.

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  1. JPM paid off fdic for seizing wamu and handing it over to them.


    Shouldn't it have been FDIC paying JPM the 1.9 billion for taking over wamu so FDIC doesn't need to pay off the depositors from its stash.. and Jpm paying wamu something below fair value ?

    Wamu could have survived at least 2 quarters based on the numbers they reported on the conference call.
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  3. create controlled panic.

    Rockefeller banks are getting assets at 0.01 to the 1.00

    At the taxpayers expense

    who thinks the world will end if wall street doesn't get 1 Trillion?

    only the fools and the gullible

    the super wealthy say: thank you Bush
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